Scotch Nutmeg.— Medium sized, roundish. Skin red, hairy, or downy. Flavour second-rate. Bush erect.

Shakespere (Denny's), l.p.— Large and roundish. Skin red, and hairy. Of first-rate flavour. Bush erect.

Sheba Queen (Crompton's), l.p.—Large and obovate. Skin white, and downy. Flavour of the first quality. Bush erect. Very similar to Whitesmith.

Sir Sidney Smith. See Whitesmith (Woodward's). Small Dark Bough Bed. See Small Rough Red.

Small Bed Globe (Smooth Scotch). — Small and roundish. Skin smooth, and red. Of first-rate quality, and with a sharp, rich flavour. Bush erect.

Small Bough Bed (Small Dark Rough Red).— Small and round. Skin red, and hairy. Of first-rate quality, and early. Bush spreading, and the leaves pubescent.

Smiling Beauty (Beaumont's), l.p.—Large and ob-long. Skin thin, yellow, and smooth. Of first-rate flavour. Bush pendulous, and a good bearer.

Smooth Amber. See Amber.

Smooth Green. See Green Walnut.

Smooth Bed. See Turkey Red.

Smooth Scotch. See Small Red Globe.

Snowball (Adams').—Medium sized, roundish. Skin white, and hairy. Of first-rate flavour. Bush pendulous.

Sportsman (Chadwick's), l.p. —Large and obovate. Skin dark red, and smooth. Flavour second-rate. Bush spreading.

Sulphur (Rough Yellow).—Small and roundish. Skin yellow, and hairy. Flavour of first-rate quality. Bush erect, and the leaves not pubescent, by which it is dis-tinguished from Early Sulphur.

Thick-skinned Bed. See Rough Red.

Top Sawyer (Capper's), l.p.—Large and roundish. Skin pale red, and hairy. Flavour of second-rate quality. Bush pendulous.

Turkey Bed (Smooth Red).—Small and obovate. Skin smooth, and red. Of first-rate flavour. Bush spreading.