Finger Grape. See Cornichon Blanc.

Flame-coloured Tokay. See Lombardy. Frankenthal. See page 121. Froc de la Boulaye. See Prolific Sweetwater. Fruher Leipziger. See Early White Malvasia.

Golden Hamburgh (Busby's Golden Hamburgh; Stockwood Bark Golden Hamburgh).—Bunches large, loose, branching, and shouldered. Berries large and oval. Skin thin, of a pale yellow colour; but when highly ripened, pale amber. Flesh tender and melting, very juicy, rich, sugary, and vinous. An excellent grape. Ripens in a cool vinery, and forces well.

Grec Rouge. See Gromier du Cantal.

Gromier du Cantal (Barbaroux; De Candolle; Grec Rouge; Gros Gromier du Cantal; Malaga; Raisin du Pauvre; Raisin de Servie).—Bunches large, a foot long, broad, and shouldered. Berries large and round. Skin very thin, amber coloured, mottled with light purplish-brown. Flesh tender, juicy, and sweet, with a brisk vinous flavour. Requires a warm vinery to ripen it; and it does not keep long after being ripe. In some of the vineyards of France, and particularly in those of Tarn-et-Garonne, it is called Alicante.

Gros Coulard. See Prolific Sweetwater.                       

Gros Gromier du Cantal. See Gromier du Cantal.

Gros Maroc (Marocain).—Bunches large, long, and shouldered, and with a long stalk. Berries large and oval. Skin thick, of a deep reddish-purple, and covered ■with an abundant blue bloom. Flesh tender, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This is an excellent grape, and ripens along with the Black Hamburgh. It is frequently confounded with the Gros Damas, from which it is distinguished by its smoother and more deeply-cut leaves, shorter-jointed wood, and earlier ripening.

Gros Romain.—This is a variety introduced by Mr. Rivers, of which he speaks very highly. I have never yet seen the fruit; but he informs me that it is a most delicious grape, with very large, round, amber-coloured berries, almost yellow. It is quite a distinct variety from White Romain, or, as it is sometimes called, Muscat Romain.

Grove-End Sweetwater. See Early White Malvasia.

Gutedel. See Royal Muscadine.