For small establishments those marked ♦ should be chosen.

I. For Walls In The Open Air

Muscats.                           ♦Early Malingre

♦Early Black Muscat                     Early White Malvasia

Early Saumur Muscat                ♦Esperione

July Muscat                               ♦Miller's Burgundy

♦Muscat St. Laurent                      Pitmaston White Cluster

Not Muscats.                       Purple Fontainbleau

Black July                                   ♦ Royal Muscadine

II. For Cool Vineries.

Muscats.                                   Not Muscats.

Black Frontignan                       ♦Black Champion

Chasselas Musque                       ♦Black Hamburgh

♦Early Black Muscat                     Black Prince

Early Saumur Muscat                 ♦ Chasselas Vibert

July Muscat                                Early White Malvasia

♦Madeira Muscat                         ♦ Golden Hamburgh

♦Muscat St. Laurent                      Pitmaston White Cluster

♦Royal Muscadine ♦White Romain

III. For Pots In Orchard-Houses.

Muscats.                           ♦ Cambridge Botanic Garden

August Muscat                           ♦ Chasselas Vibert

Early Saumur Muscat                 ♦ Esperione

♦ July Muscat                                 Early White Malvasia

♦Muscat St. Laurent                      Prolific Sweetwater

♦Sarbelle Muscat                          ♦Purple Fontainbleau

                         ♦ Royal Muscadine

Not Muscats.                        ♦ White Romain

Chaptal                                      ♦ White Romain

IV. For Forcing For Early Crops.

Muscats.                        ♦Black Hamburgh ♦Chasselas Musque                      Black Prince

Muscat Hamburgh                   ♦Early Chasselas Purple Constantia                      Golden Hamburgh

Red Frontignan                        ♦Royal Muscadine

♦White Frontignan                    ♦ Trentham Black Not Muscats.                       White Sweetwater

Black Champion

V. For Forcing For Late Crops.

Muscats.                          Black Damascus

Bowood Muscat                         Kempsey Alicante

Canon Hall Muscat                  ♦ Lady Downe's Seedling

♦ Muscat of Alexandria               ♦ Trebbiano

Not Muscats.                     ♦ West's St. Peter's

♦ Barbarossa

The following was accidentally omitted in the alphabetical arrangement,

Frankenthal (Black Tripoli; Merrick's Victoria; Pope Hamburgh; Victoria Hamhurgh).—Bunches large and. heavily shouldered. Berries roundish, frequently oblate and rarely roundish-oval, sometimes hammered and scarred as in the Dutch Hamburgh. Skin thick, adhering to the flesh, deep black purple, covered with bloom. Flesh firm, and often forming a hollow cell round the seeds, juicy, sugary, sprightly and richly flavoured.

This is very frequently met with in gardens under the name of Black Hamburgh, from which it is easily distinguished by its round, frequently oblate, and hammered berries.