Broad-leaved Dutch. See Dutch.

Dutch (Broad-leaved Dutch; Gros Fruit; Gros Fruit Monstrueux; Large Dutch).—This is by far the largest and most generally grown of the cultivated medlars. The fruit is frequently two inches and a half in diameter, and very much flattened. The eye is very open, wide, and unequally rent, extending in some instances even to the margin of outline of the fruit. It is of excellent flavour, but, in that respect, inferior to the following. The young shoots are smooth.

Gros Fruit. See Dutch.

Gros Fruit Monstrueux. See Dutch. *

Large Dutch, See Dutch.

Narrow-leaved Dutch. See Nottingham.

Nottingham (Narrow-leaved Dutch; Small Fruited). —This is considerably smaller than the Dutch, rarely exceeding an inch and a half in diameter; turbinate, and is more highly flavoured. The young shoots are downy.

Sans Noyau. See Stoneless.

Sans Pepins. See Stoneless.

Small Fruited. See Nottingham.

Stoneless (Sans Noyau; Sans Pepins).—In shape this resembles the Nottingham; but it rarely exceeds three quarters of inch in diameter. The eye is smaller and less rent than in the other varieties. It is quite destitute of seeds, and woody core; but the flavour, though good, is inferior to that of the others, being less piquant.