Negropont Chasselas (Chasselas de Negrepont).— This is a variety which, in the bunches and foliage, re-sembles the Royal Muscadine. The berries are at first of a pale green colour, and gradually become of a fine clear red as they attain maturity. In this respect they differ from those of the Red Chasselas, which, from their setting, are of a bright red colour. Like the Royal Muscadine, it is of excellent flavour, and early.

Nepean's Constantia. See White Frontignan.

Noir Precoce de Genes. See Ischia.

Aeillade (Ulliade; Boudales; Cinq Saous; Prunelas). —Bunches medium sized, and with long stalks. Berries large, oval, uniform in size, and dangling from long stalks. Skin thin, of a dark purplish-black colour, and covered with bloom. Flesh rather firm, and breaking, juicy, sweet, and of good flavour.

The vine is a very abundant bearer, and ripens its fruit in a cool vinery.

Oldaker's St. Peter's. See West's St. Peter's.