Abec.—Fruit of medium size and roundish, pitted at the apex, one side of which is higher than the other, and with a shallow suture, which is also higher on one side. Skin remarkably thin and tender, of a lemon-yellow colour, with crimson dots on the shaded side, but covered with a crimson cheek and darker dots of the same colour on the side exposed to the sun. Flesh white, with a very slight tinge of red next the stone, from which it separates very freely; remarkably tender and melting, sweet, and with somewhat of a strawberry flavour. Glands round. Flowers large.

This is a very fine and early peach. It ripens in the third week of August.

Abricotee. See Yellow Admirable.

Acton Scot.—Fruit small, narrow, and depressed at the top. Skin pale yellowish-white, marbled with bright red next the sun. Suture well marked. Flesh pale throughout, melting, rich, and sugary. Flowers large. Glands round. End of August. A delicious little peach.

Admirable. See Early Admirable.

Alberge Jaune. See Yellow Alberge.

American Newington (Early Newington Freestone). —Fruit large, round, and marked with a suture, which is higher on one side. Skin yellowish-white, dotted with red in the shade, and bright red next the sun. Flesh white, red at the stone, to which some strings adhere; juicy, rich, and vinous. Glands round. Flowers small. Ripe in the end of August.

Anne. See Early Anne.

Avant. See Grosse Mignonne.

Avant Blanche. See White Nutmeg.

Avant Peche de Troyes. See Red Nutmeg.

Avant Rouge. See Red Nutmeg.