Barrington (Buckingham Mignonne; Colonel Ansley's). —Fruit large, roundish-ovate. Skin downy, yellowish-green, marbled with red next the sun. Suture well de-fined. Flesh yellowish, slightly tinged with red at the stone, rich, vinous, and of first-rate quality. Flowers large. Glands round. Middle of September.

The tree is very hardy, vigorous, and a good bearer. This is one of the best mid-season peaches, and bears carriage well.

Belle Beauce.—This is a variety of Grosse Mignonne, but considerably larger, and ripens from ten to fourteen days later. Glands round. Flowers large. Ripens in the middle of September.

Belle Chevreuse (Early Chevreuse).—Fruit elongated, with rarely a nipple on the summit. Skin unusually downy, yellowish, except next the sun, where it is flesh-coloured and marbled with dark red. Suture distinct. Flesh whitish-yellow, tinged with red under the skin next the sun, and marbled with rose colour at the stone, sweet, and juicy. Flowers small. Glands kidney-shaped. Beginning of September.

Belle de la Croix.—This is a new peach raised at Bordeaux eight or ten years ago, and introduced to this country by Mr. Rivers. It is large and round. The flesh is very sweet and richly flavoured, equal to the Early York. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers small. Ripens in the end of August and beginning of September. The tree is hardy and a robust grower.

Belle de Doue (Belle de Douai).—This is a fine, large, melting peach, an early variety of Bellegarde. It is of first-rate quality, with a vinous and richly-flavoured flesh which separates freely from the stone. Glands round. Flowers small. Ripens in the last week of August and beginning of September.

Belle de Paris. See Malta.

Bellegarde (Galande; French Galande; Noire de Montreuil; Ronalds' Brentford Mignonne).—Fruit round, slightly compressed and hollow at the summit, with a email projecting nipple. Skin deep red all over, striated with dark purple, so much so as to be almost black. Suture shallow. Flesh pale yellow, slightly red at the stone, rich, vinous, and juicy; healthy and a prolific bearer. Flowers small. Glands round. Beginning and middle of September.

This is a very excellent peach, and the tree is a good bearer.

Boudin (La Royale; Narbonne).—Fruit large, nearly round, sometimes terminated by a very slight nipple. Skin greenish-white, reddish next the sun, covered with very fine down. Suture deep. Flesh whitish-yellow, deep red round the stone, very rich, sugary, and vinous. Stone small and turgid. Is produced from seed. Flowers small. Glands round. Beginning of September.

Brentford Mignonne. See Bellegarde.

Brown Nutmeg. See Bed Nutmeg.

Buckingham Mignonne, See Barrington.

De Burai. See Yellow Admirable.