St. Laurent Jaune. See Rosanna.

Salway.—Fruit medium sized, round. Skin of a deep rich yellow colour. Flesh deep orange colour, very melting, juicy, and vinous. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers small. Ripe in the end of October and beginning of November.

This is a very excellent late variety. The skin and flesh are like those of an apricot, and the latter is very juicy and highly flavoured.

Sandalie Hermaphrodite. See Yellow Admirable.

Scandalian. See Yellow Admirable.

Shanghai.—Fruit very large, roundish. Skin pale yellowish-green on the shaded side, and light red next the sun. Flesh pale yellow, very deep red at the stone, to which some of the strings adhere; melting, juicy, and richly flavoured. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers large. Ripens in the middle of September. The tree is an excellent bearer, and requires a very warm situation to ripen the fruit properly. It was introduced from China by Mr. Fortune.

Small Mignonne (Petite Mignonne; Double de Troyes). —Fruit small, roundish, flattened at the base, marked on one side with a deep suture. Skin yellowish-white in the shade, and bright red next the sun. Flesh white, pale red next the stone, melting, very juicy, rich, and excellent. Stone small and oblong. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers small. Ripens early in August.

This ripens after the Red Nutmeg, and is one of the best early peaches. The tree is well adapted for pot culture.

Smith's Early Newington. See Early Newington.

Smooth-leaved Royal George. See Grosse Mignonne.

Springrove.—Fruit medium sized. Skin pale green in the shade, bright red next the sun. Excellent, very much resembles Acton Scot. Flowers large. Glands round. End of August and beginning of Sep-tember.

Steward's Late Galande. See Chancellor.

Sulhamstead.—Fruit roundish, depressed. Skin pale yellowish-green, with fine red next the sun. Flesh very excellent. This very much resembles the Noblesse. Flowers large. Glands none. End of August and beginning of September.

Superb. See Royal George.

Superb Royal. See Grosse Mignonne.

Teton de Venus.—Fruit elongated, larger than the Boudin, but much paler, having but little colour next the sun, and pale yellowish-white in the shade, surmounted by a large turgid nipple. Flesh white, red at the stone, delicate, sugary, and very rich. Flowers small. Glands round. End of September.

This is quite distinct from Late Admirable.