Red Alberge. See Yellow Alberge.

Red Avant. See Red Nutmeg.

Red Magdalen (French Magdalen; Madeleine de Courson; Madeleine Rouge).—Fruit rather below medium size, round, and flattened at the stalk. Skin pale yellowish-white in the shade, fine bright red next the sun. Suture deep, extending on one side. Flesh white, veined with red at the stone, firm, rich, sugary, and vinous. Flowers large. Glands none. End of August and beginning of September.

Bed Nutmeg (Avant Peche de Troyes; Avant Rouge; Brown Nutmeg; Red Avant).— Fruit small, roundish, terminated by a small round nipple. Skin pale yellow, bright red, marbled with dark vermilion next the sun. Suture distinct. Flesh pale yellow, reddish under the skin on the side next the sun and at the stone, sweet and musky. Very early and hardy. Flowers large. Glands kidney-shaped. July and August.

Valuable only for its earliness.

Reine des Vergers.—This is a large, handsome peach, somewhat oval in shape, with a melting flesh of good flavour, but is apt to become pasty unless grown in a warm soil and situation. The tree is very hardy, and, according to Mr. Rivers, succeeds admirably in pots. Ripens in the middle of September. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers small.

Ronalds' Brentford Mignonne. See Bellegarde.

Ronalds' Galande. See Grosse Mignonne.

Rosanna (Petite Rosanne; St. Laurent Jaune).—Fruit medium sized, roundish. Skin yellow, deep purplish next the sun. Flesh deep yellow at the circumference, and deep red at the stone; firm, rich, sugary, and vinous. Tree bears well as a standard, and is very productive. Flowers small. Glands kidney-shaped. Middle of Sep-tember.

This is very different from Alberge Jaune, which is sometimes called Rosanna.

Rouge Paysanne. See Red Magdalen.

Royale. See Boudin.

Royal Charlotte (Grimwood's Royal Charlotte; Kew Early Purple; Lord Fauconberg's; Lord Nelson's; New Royal Charlotte).—Fruit rather large, roundish-ovate. Skin pale white, deep red next the sun. Suture moderately distinct. Flesh whitish, pale red next the stone, juicy, rich, and vinous. Flowers small. Glands none. Beginning of September.

Royal George (Double Swalsh; Dubbele Zwolsche; Griffith's Mignonne; Lockyer's Mignonne; Madeleine Rouge a Petites Fleurs; Millet's Mignonne; Superb).—

Fruit large, round, and depressed. Skin very pale, speckled with red in the shade, marbled with deeper colour next the sun. Suture deep and broad at the top, extending round almost the whole circumference of the fruit. Flesh pale yellowish-white, very red at the stone, very juicy, rich, and high flavoured. Flowers small. Glands none. August and September.

Royal Kensington. See Grosse Mignonne.

Royal Sovereign. See Grosse Mignonne.