Padley's Early Purple. See Grosse Mignonne.

Pavie Camu. See Pavie de Pompone.

Pavie Monstrueuse. See Pavie de Pompone.

Pavie de Pompone (Gros Malecoton; Gros Perseque Rouge; Monstrous Pavie of Pompone; Pavie Camu; Pavie Monstrueux; Pavie Rouge de Pompone; Pavie Rouge).—Fruit immensely large and round, terminated by an obtuse nipple, and marked on one side with a shallow suture. Skin pale yellowish-white, slightly tinged with green on the shaded side, and of a beautiful deep red next the sun. Flesh yellowish-white, deep red at the stone, to which it adheres; in warm seasons it is of a vinous, sugary, and musky flavour, but otherwise it is insipid. In this climate it rarely if ever attains perfection. Flowers large. Glands kidney-shaped. Ripe the middle and end of October.

Pavie Rouge. See Pavie de Pompone.

Pavie Rouge de Pompone. See Pavie de Pompone.

Peche d'Abricot. See Yellow Admirable.

Peche de Malte. See Malta.

Peche Jaune. See Yellow Alberge.

Petite Mignonne. See Small Mignonne.

Petite Rosanne. See Rosanna.

Pound. See Morrisania.

Pourpree Hative. See Early Purple.

Pourpree Hative a Grandes Fleurs. See Early Purple.

Precoce de Savoie. See Early Savoy.

Prince Eugene.—Fruit medium sized, roundish. Skin pale yellowish-white, and when ripe of a pale waxen colour, faintly tinged with red next the sun. Flesh melt-ing, and somewhat deficient in flavour; but Mr. Rivers says, if forced or grown in a very warm soil and situation it is a very excellent variety. End of August. Glands kidney-shaped. Flowers large.

Princesse Marie.—Fruit medium sized, roundish. Skin yellowish-white, dotted with pale red on the shaded side, and dark red on the side next the sun. Flesh yellowish-white, rayed with red at the stone; melting, juicy, rich, and vinous. Glands none. Flowers large. Ripens in the middle of September.

Pucelle de Malines.—Fruit pretty large, round, and depressed, having a well-marked suture. Skin clear yellow in the shade, but lightly coloured with red next the sun, and marked with brown spots. Flesh yellowish-white, slightly marbled with red round the stone, melt-ing, juicy, sugary, and with a delicious perfume. Glands round. Flowers large. End of August and beginning of September.

Purple Alberge. See Yellow Alberge.