Neil's Early Purple. See Grosse Mignonne.

New Royal Charlotte. See Royal Charlotte.

Nivette(Dorsetshire; Veloutee Tardive).— Fruit round, elongated, depressed at the top. Skin pale green, bright red with deep red spots next the sun, covered with a fine velvety down. Suture shallow. Flesh pale green, deep red at the stone, rich, and sugary. Flowers small. Glands round. Middle of September.

Noblesse (Lord Montague's; Mellish's Favourite).— Fruit large, roundish-oblong, terminating with a small nipple. Skin pale yellowish-green in the shade, delicate red, marbled and streaked with dull red and purple next the sun. Flesh white, tinged with yellow, slightly veined with red next the stone, juicy, sweet, and very luscious. Tree hardy and healthy. Flowers large. Glands none. End of August and beginning of September.

Noire de Montreuil. See Bellegarde.

Noisette. See Chancellor.

Newington. See Old Newington.

Old Newington (Newington).—Fruit large, roundish, marked with a shallow suture. Skin pale yellow in the shade; and fine red marked with still darker red on the side next the sun. Flesh yellowish-white, deep red at the stone, to which it adheres; of a juicy, rich, and very vinous flavour. Flowers large. Glands none. Ripe the middle of September.

D'Orange. See Yellow Admirable.