Late Admirable (Judd's Melting; Motteux' Seedling). —Fruit very large, elongated, terminated with an acute swollen nipple. Skin yellowish-green, pale red and marbled and striped with deep red next the sun. Suture deep. Flesh greenish-white, with red veins at the stone, delicate, juicy, rich, and vinous. Flowers small. Glands round. Middle and end of September.

One of the best late peaches.

Late Chancellor. See Chancellor.

Leopold the First.—Fruit very large, round, pitted at the apex, and marked with a distinct suture on one side. Skin pale yellow, tinged with red, and very slightly, or not at all, washed with red next the sun. Flesh tender, very melting, vinous, and perfumed. Glands round. Flowers large. Ripens in the middle of October.

Lockyer's Mignonne. See Royal George. Lord Fauconberg's. See Royal Charlotte. Lord Montague's. See Noblesse. Lord Kelson's. See Royal Charlotte. Madeleine Blanche. See White Magdalen.

Madeleine de Courson. See Red Magdalen.

Madeleine Rouge. See Red Magdalen.

Madeleine Rouge a Petites Fleurs. See Royal George.

Malta (Belle de Paris; Italian; Malte de Normandie; Peche de Malte).—Fruit large, roundish, flattened at the top. Skin greenish-yellow, blotched with dull purple next the sun. Suture broad and shallow. Flesh greenish, light red next the stone, rich, vinous, juicy, slightly musky, and deliciously flavoured. Bears carriage better than any other peach. Flowers large. Glands none. August and September.

Mellish's Favourite. See Noblesse.

Mignonne Hative. See Early Grosse Mignonne.

Mignonne Petite. See Small Mignonne.

Millet's Mignonne. See Royal George.

Monstrous Pavie of Pompone. See Pavie de Pompone.

Montagne. See Montaubon.

Montagne Blanche. See White Magdalen.

Montaubon (Double Montagne; Montagne).— Fruit medium sized, roundish, narrow at the top. Skin pale greenish-yellow, red, marbled with darker red next the sun. Suture distinct. Flesh white to the stone, rich, and juicy. A good bearer. Flowers large. Glands none. End of August.

Morrisania (Hoffmann's; Morrison's Pound).—Fruit very large, round. Skin dull greenish-white, and brownish-red next the sun. Flesh pale yellow, juicy, sugary, and richly flavoured. Flowers small. Glands round. Middle and end of September.

Motteux' Seedling. See Late Admirable.

Mountaineer. — Fruit large, roundish, somewhat pointed at the apex. Skin nearly smooth, pale yellow, dotted with red on the shaded side, but dark red next the sun. Flesh pale yellowish-green, rayed with red at the stone, melting, juicy, and richly flavoured. Glands round. Flowers large. Early in September.