Hardy Galande. See Violette Hative.

Hative de Ferrieres.—Fruit medium sized, roundish, marked with a shallow suture, which is higher on one side than the other. Skin white, almost entirely covered with bright red. Flesh white, with a slight tinge of red at the stone, melting and juicy, with a rich vinous flavour. Glands round. Flowers large. Ripens in the beginning of September.

Hemskerk.— Fruit medium sized. Skin yellowish-green, spotted with scarlet, bright red mottled with darker red next the sun. Flesh greenish-yellow throughout, rich and delicious. Stone small, and smoother than any other peach. A good bearer. Flowers large. Glands none. Ripens in the end of August.

Hoffmann's. See Morrisania.

Incomparable.—Very similar to the Catherine, but not so good. Flesh clingstone. Flowers small. Glands kidney-shaped.

Incomparable en Beaute.—Fruit large, round, and depressed at both ends. Skin pale yellowish-green in the shade, but streaked with crimson and covered with deep brownish-red next the sun. Flesh white, dark red at the stone, melting and juicy, vinous, and with a somewhat musky flavour. A very showy fruit, but is not of first-rate quality. Flowers small: Glands round. Middle of September.

Italian. See Malta.

Java Peach. See Flat Peach of China.

Johnson's Early Purple Avant. See Grosse Mignonne.

Judd's Melting. See Late Admirable.

Kew Early Purple. See Royal Charlotte.