Flat Peach of China (China Peach; Java Peach).— Fruit small, so much depressed at both ends as to form a deep hollow on each; in the top one is set a broad, rough, and five-angled eye. Skin pale yellowish-green, mottled with red next the sun. Flesh pale yellow, free, red at the stone, sweet, juicy, and noyeau flavoured; forces well in pots. Middle and end of September. Flowers large. Glands kidney-shaped.

I believe this peach does not now exist in this country. all the trees having been killed by the severe frost of 1838.

Forster's Early. See Grosse Mignonne.

French Galande. See Bellegarde.

French Magdalen. See Red Magdalen.

French Mignonne. See Grosse Mignonne.

Galande. See Bellegarde.

George the Fourth.—Fruit large, round, swollen on one side of the suture. Skin yellowish-white dotted with red, and rich dark red next the sun, mottled with dark red where the two colours blend. Suture deep at the summit. Stalk set in a hollow depression. Flesh pale yellow, rich, vinous, and juicy. Flowers small. Glands round. Early in September.

This is a very large and very excellent peach.

Golden Fleshed. See Yellow Alberge. Golden Mignonne. See Yellow Alberge.

Gregory's Late.—Fruit large, ovate, and pointed. Skin pale green on the shaded side, and with a dark red cheek, like Royal George, on the side next the sun. Flesh very melting, vinous, sugary, and highly flavoured. Glands round. Flowers small. Ripe in the end of September, or beginning of October.

This is an excellent late melting peach, somewhat later than Late Admirable.

Griffith's Mignonne. See Royal George.

Grimwood's Royal Charlotte. See Royal Charlotte.

Grimwood's Royal George. See Grosse Mignonne.

Grosse Jaune. See Yellow Admirable.

Grosse Malecoton. See Pavie de Pompone.

Grosse Mignonne (Avant; Early Purple Avant; Early Vineyard; Forster's Early; French Mignonne; Grimwood's Royal George; Johnsons Early Purple Avant; Neil's Early Purple; Padley's Early Purple; Ronalds Galande; Royal Kensington; Royal Sovereign; Smooth-leaved Royal George; Superb Royal).— Fruit large, roundish, somewhat flattened, and furrowed with a deep suture at the top, which seems to divide it in two lobes. Skin pale greenish-yellow mottled with red, and deep brownish-red next the sun, covered with fine soft down. Flesh pale yellow, red under the skin on the side next the sun and at the stone, rich, and delicate, vinous, and highly flavoured. Stone small, very rough. Flowers large. Glands round. August and September.

Grosse Peche Jaune Tardive. See Yellow Admirable.

Grosse Perseque Rouge. See Pavie de Pompone.