Early Admirable (Admirable).—Fruit large, roundish. Skin fine clear light yellow in the shade, and bright red next the sun. Suture distinct. Flesh white, pale red at the stone, rich, sweet, and sugary. Flowers large. Glands round. Beginning of September.

Early Anne (Anne).—Fruit medium sized, round. Skin white, tinged and dotted with red next the sun. Suture shallow. Flesh white to the stone, pleasant, but rather inclined to be mealy, its earliness proving its chief merit. Flowers large. Glands none. Early in August.

Early Chevreuse. See Belle Chevreuse.

Early Grosse Mignonne (Mignonne Hative).—Fruit medium sized, roundish, pitted at the apex, with a small nipple on one side of it, and with a shallow suture. The skin has a pale red cheek on the side exposed to the sun, and is thickly dotted all over with bright crimson dots. The flesh is white, with veins of red throughout, separating freely from the stone, sweet, very juicy, and vinous. Glands round. Flowers large.

This is a very fine peach, ripening in the second week in August.

Early Newington (Smith's Early Newington).—Fruit medium sized, rather oval. Skin or a pale straw colour on the shaded side, and streaked with purple next the sun. Flesh pale yellow, tinged with light red next the stone to which it adheres; juicy and well flavoured. Flowers large. Glands none. Ripe the end of August and beginning of September.

Early Newington Freestone. See American Newington.

Early Purple (Pourpree Hative; Pourpree Hative a Grandes Fleurs; Vineuse).—Fruit medium sized,roundish, depressed at the apex, divided on one side by a deep su-ture extending from the base and across the apex. Skin covered with a thick down, pale sulphur yellow, thinly dotted with red on the shaded side, and deep purplish red next the sun. Flesh white, separating from the stone, red under the skin on the side which is exposed to the sun, and very deep red at the stone; of a rich vinous and sugary flavour. Flowers large. Glands kidney-shaped. Ripe the middle and end of August.

Early Purple Avant. See Grosse Mignonne.

Early Savoy (Precoce de Savoie).—This is a variety of Grosse Mignonne, but more ovate in shape, and paler colour on the side next the sun. It is an excellent variety, and ripens in the end of August. Glands none. Flowers large.

Early Tillotson.—Very like Royal George.

Early York.—Fruit medium sized, roundish, inclining to ovate; marked on one side with a shallow suture. Skin very thin, delicate greenish-white, dotted with red in the shade, but dark red next the sun. Flesh greenish white, melting, very juicy, vinous, and richly flavoured. Glands none. Flowers large. Ripe in the beginning and middle of August.

One of the best early peaches.

Early Vineyard. See Grosse Mignonne. Edgar's Late Melting. See Chancellor. English Galande. See Violette Hative.