Captain Cook.—Fruit large, roundish-ovate, and irre-gular. Skin deep scarlet, and frequently greenish at the point. Flesh pale scarlet, solid throughout, juicy and richly flavoured, but not of first-rate quality.

Carolina. See Old Pine.

Carolina Superba.—Fruit very large, ovate, some-times inclining to cockscomb shape, with, an even surface. Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin pale red, extending equally over the whole fruit. Flesh clear white, very firm and solid, with a fine vinous flavour and rich aroma, equalling the British Queen.

The plant is much hardier, a freer grower, and better bearer than British Queen.

Comte de Paris.— Fruit large, obtuse-heartshaped, even in its outline. Skin scarlet, becoming deep crimson when highly ripened. Flesh pale red, and solid throughout, with a briskly acid flavour.

This is a favourite with those who prefer a brisk fruitj and it is an excellent bearer.

Crimson Queen {Doubleday's No. 2).—Fruit large, cockscomb shape, very much corrugated and irregular, with a coarse surface. Skin bright cherry-scarlet. Flesh red throughout, solid, and firm, with a briskly acid flavour.

This is a late variety, and a great bearer.

Culverwell's Sanspareil.—Fruit long and tapering, rarely assuming any other shape; very much furrowed and irregular on its surface. Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin very dark red, becoming almost black when highly ripened. Flesh very firm and solid, red throughout, and very richly flavoured.

Cuthill's Black Prince. See Black Prince.

Cuthill's Prince of Wales.—Fruit medium sized, conical. Skin bright red. Flesh firm, very acid, and without much flavour.

Cuthill's Princess Royal. See Princess Royal of England.

Deptford Pine.—Fruit large, and cockscomb shaped, the smaller fruit conical. Skin bright scarlet, glossy as if varnished, and even. Flesh scarlet, firm, and solid throughout, with a rich vinous flavour, similar to British Queen, with a little more acid.

A valuable firm-fleshed, highly-flavoured strawberry. Excellent for preserving.

Downdton. See Downton Pine.

Downton Pine (Downton).—Fruit medium sized, conical, with an even surface. Skin deep scarlet. Seeds embedded. Flesh scarlet, firm, and solid throughout, briskly and richly flavoured.

Doubleday's No. 2. See Crimson Queen.

Duchesse de Trevise (Marquise de la TourMaubourg; Vicomtesse Hericart de Thury).—Fruit above medium size, conical, with an even surface. Skin deep scarlet, becoming deep red as it ripens. Seeds yellow, slightly embedded. Flesh pale red throughout, firm and solid, brisk, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This is an extraordinarily abundant bearer, and a valuable variety for general cultivation.