Eleanor (Myatt's Eleanor).—Fruit very large, conical or wedge-shaped, regular and handsome in its outline. Seeds considerably embedded, with prominent ridges between them, which give the fruit a coarse appearance on the surface. Skin scarlet, changing as it ripens to deep crimson. Flesh scarlet, and becoming paler towards the core, which is large and hollow; subacid, and with a little of the pine flavour.

A large and handsome strawberry, but not possessing any other merit.

Eliza. See Myatt's Eliza.

Elton (Elton Pine).—Fruit large, ovate, frequently cockscomb shaped, with embedded seeds, and prominent ridges between them. Skin bright crimson, and shining. Flesh red throughout, firm and solid, with a brisk subacid flavour.

A valuable late variety, and an excellent bearer.

Elton Pine. See Elton.

Empress Eugenie.—Fruit very large, irregular, angular, furrowed, and uneven. Skin of a deep red colour, becoming almost black when highly ripened. Seeds small, not deeply embedded. Flesh red throughout, hollow at the core, tender, very juicy, and briskly flavoured.

Rather a coarse-looking and very large strawberry, not remarkable for any excellency of flavour.

Exhibition. See Great Exhibition.

Filbert Pine (Myatt's Seedling).—Fruit above medium size, conical and regular in its outline. Seeds large and prominent. Skin dull purplish-red next the sun and pale red in the shade. Flesh pale, pink at the core, firm, solid, rich, and briskly flavoured, with a fine aroma.

A very prolific and excellent late variety.

Fillbasket.—Fruit rather large, roundish, sometimes flattened on the sides. Skin dark red. Flesh pale red throughout, very acid, and without much flavour.

Frogmoee Late Pine.—Fruit very large, conical, and cockscomb-shaped, with a glossy neck like the old Pine Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin glossy, bright red. becoming dark red and almost black when ripe. Flesh tender, and very juicy, red throughout, richly flavoured, and a good deal of the Pine aroma when well ripened.

This is a late variety, and an abundant bearer, coming in with the Elton, but much less acid that that variety.

Goliath. See Kitleys Goliath.

Great Exhibition (Exhibition).—Fruit medium sized, oblong, ovate, or irregular. Seeds prominent. Skin bright red. Flesh dull yellow, very woolly and worthless.

The plant is a great bearer, but otherwise not worth growing.