Highland Mary.—Fruit above medium size, conical, and inclining to cockscomb shape. Skin dark red. Seeds small, not deeply embedded. Flesh white, rather hollow at the core, briskly and agreeably flavoured.

The plant is an abundant bearer.

Highland Chief.—Fruit large, roundish-ovate, and somewhat flattened. Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin fine, clear red, becoming darker red as it ripens. Flesh dark red throughout, very firm and solid, very juicy and vinous, and with a rich pine flavour.

A very excellent strawberry. The plant is a most abundant bearer, and deserves universal cultivation.

Hooper's Seedling. — Fruit large, conical, rarely flattened, but sometimes deeply furrowed. Seeds rather deeply embedded. Skin dark red, assuming a very deep blackish tinge as it ripens. Flesh crimson at the exterior, but paler towards the centre, sweet, brisk, and richly flavoured.

A good bearer, and an excellent variety for general purposes.

Ingram's Prince Arthue.— Fruit medium sized, conical, even and regular in shape, with a glossy neck. Seeds not very numerous, nor deeply embedded. Skin of a brilliant scarlet, like Sir Charles Napier, paler at the tip. Flesh white, solid, very juicy, brisk, and with a rich, pine flavour.

A first-rate variety, an abundant bearer, and forces well

Ingram's Prince of Wales. — Fruit very large, roundish, flattened and wedge-shaped, the smaller fruit ovate. Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin deep crimson, becoming darker as it ripens. Flesh pale red, very firm and solid, brisk, sweet, and richly flavoured.

An excellent variety, and admirably adapted for forcing.

Keens' Seedling.—Fruit large, ovate, sometimes inclining to cockscomb shape. Seeds not deeply embedded. Skin dark crimson, becoming very dark when highly ripened. Flesh scarlet, firm and solid, juicy, brisk, and richly flavoured.

An old and well-established variety, which, for general purposes, has not yet been surpassed.

Kitley's Goliath (Goliath).—Fruit very large, compressed and wedge-shaped, the smaller ones ovate. Seeds deeply embedded, which gives the surface a rough appearance. Skin deep red, colouring equally all over. Flesh white, solid, briskly and richly flavoured, but not equal to British. Queen, to which it is similar. It is, however, a better grower and better cropper.