Old Pine (Black Pine; Carolina; Scarlet Pine).— Fruit medium sized, ovate, even and regular, and with a glossy neck. Seeds prominent. Skin deep red. Flesh pale red, very firm and solid, with a fine sprightly and very rich pine flavour.

After all there are very few that equal, far less surpass, the Old Pine in flavour; but it is not a good bearer.

Omar Pasha(Rival Queen).—"WhereverI have met with this variety it has proved to be the same as Myatt's Eliza.

Oscar.—Fruit large, ovate and angular, sometimes flattened and wedge-shaped. Seeds rather large, and deeply embedded, which give the surface a coarse appearance. Skin dark shining red, becoming almost black when fully ripe. Flesh red throughout, very firm and solid, juicy and richly flavoured.

An excellent variety for a general crop, coming in a few days after Black Prince; a most abundant bearer; and from its firmness bears carriage well.

Princess Alice Maude (AliceMaude).—Fruit medium sized, ovate or conical, and frequently large and kidney-shaped. Seeds prominent or very slightly embedded. Skin scarlet, becoming dark crimson when ripe. Flesh scarlet throughout, tender, juicy, sweet, and with a rich, brisk flavour.

Princess Royal of England {Cuthill's Princess Royal).—Fruit medium sized, roundish-ovate or conical, with a neck. Seeds deeply embedded. Skin deep scarlet, where exposed to the sun, and paler in the shade. Flesh pale red at the surface, whitish towards the core, very rich and highly flavoured.

An abundant bearer, and an excellent variety for general cultivation.

Prolific Hautbois.—Fruit below medium size, conical. Seeds prominent. Skin light purple in the shade, and blackish-purple on the side next the sun. Flesh firm, sweet, and with the rich peculiar flavour of the Hautbois.

Prolific Pine. See Roseberry.

Rival Queen. See Omar Pasha,

Rivers' Eliza (Seedling Eliza).—This is a seedling from Myatt's Eliza, but rather more ovate in shape, and possessing all the character and flavour of that excellent variety, but is a more abundant bearer, and of a hardier constitution.

Richard the Second.—This is an improved variety of Black Prince, to which it is similar in form and colour, but of a larger size. It is above medium size, and almost round; of a dark red colour, and almost black when highly ripened. Flesh pale scarlet, firm, but hollow round the core.

Roseberry (Aberdeen Seedling; Prolific Pine).—Fruit large, conical, and pointed. Seeds deeply embedded, with prominent ridges between them. Skin dark red, becoming blackish as it ripens. Flesh pale scarlet, firm, with an agreeable flavour.

Royal Pine. See Swainstone's Seedling.

Ruby—Fruit large, roundish, dark red. Flesh pale red, soft, and woolly, with a large core, and inferior flavour.