Plate LIV. The knotweed is not only one of the most rapid-growing vines, but its abundance of delicate white flowers and its long-blooming period make it valuable for many locations on the lattice framework. A - first summer after transplanting; B - second summer after transplanting. (See pages 260 and 261, groups XXXIV-A and XXXIV-E)

Plate LV

Plate LV. One of the best vines for use on masonry walls is the Boston ivy; but no vine should be allowed to overpower fine architectural details. This illustration also shows a perfectly developed European beech hedge (10 years old) planted in a single row with plants eighteen inches apart. (See pages 125 and 260, groups XII-C, and XXXIV-B)

This section of the country is still on the uncharted list so far as complete information covering the lists of plants that are adapted to this territory is concerned. In addition to those plants which are tabulated in the following lists there is a wide range of plants which can be selected from the main text of this book, practically all of which plants are adapted for use in this territory.