The first part of this group consists of those vines which are commonly known as scrambling vines and which must be provided with a definite support on which they can twine or to which tendrils can attach themselves in order to maintain their upright habit of growth. Most of the vines which are interesting in the north are of great value in Florida planting. There is also an extensive list of vines which will not grow in the northern climates, but which are valuable in Florida. Those which are marked thus (+) are very interesting for Florida planting on account of their habit of producing flowers during the winter months. The second part of this group is composed of vines which can be used for covering bare wall surfaces and which will naturally attach themselves to walls of brick, stone, or concrete. These vines are of the evergreen type of foliage and are of value only for their foliage effect.

a. Lattices and wire fences:

Abrus precatorius

Crab's Eye Vine + Allamanda hendersoni (T)

Henderson's Allamanda +Allamanda williamsi (T)

Williams' Allamanda

Antigonon leptopus Mountain Rose

Ampelopsis quinquefolia Virginia Creeper

Aristolochia elegans

Dwarf Dutchman's Pipe


Plate XLVII. During the early spring no woodland wild garden is complete without its quota of trilliums, grape hyacinth, and hepatica which grow luxuriantly if happily surrounded by correct conditions of soil and shade. (See page 227, group XXXI-C)


Plate XLVIII. Among those plants which become easily established in the wild garden, there is none the flower effect of which excels the Japanese windflower during the late summer. (See page 227, group XXXI-C)

Beaumontia grandifiora

White-flowered Beaumontia

Bignonia chinensis

Chinese Trumpet Creeper

+Bougainvillea braziliensis Paper Flower

+Bougainvillea glabra sanderiana Paper Flower

Cereus triangularis Cereus Vine

Clematis paniculata

Japanese Clematis +Clerodendron thompsonae

Scarlet Clerodendron

Cobaea scandens (T) Cup and Saucer Vine

+Gelsemium sempervirens

Carolina Jasmine Jasminum grandiflorum

Catalonian Jasmine

Lonicera japonica halliana (north)

Japanese Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens

Coral Honeysuckle

Passiflora incarnata Purple Passion Flower

Petraea volubilis Queen's Wreath

Pithecoctenium cynanchoides

Argentine Monkey's Comb Porana paniculata

Snow Creeper Pyrostegia venusta

Flame Flower Rosa laevigata

Cherokee Rose

Rosa setigera (north only) Prairie Rose

Rosa (climbing hybrids)

Rose Smilax


Solandra guttata Chalice Vine

Solanum seaforthianum (T) Tomatillo

Solanum wendlandi Tomatillo

Thunbergia (in variety) (T) Thunbergia

Trachelospermum jasminoides Confederate Jasmine

Vitis capensis Evergreen Grape b. Masonry walls:

Bignonia capreolata Cross Flower

Bignonia radicans

Trumpet Vine Bignonia speciosa

South American Cross Vine Evonymus radicans

Climbing Evonymus

Ficus repens Creeping Fig

Ficus villosa

Large-leaved Creeping Fig

Hedera helix (north only) English Ivy

Pyrostegia venusta Flame Flower