Many trees are selected for street planting, either because they are the easiest trees to grow or the tree which can be obtained with the least difficulty and expense. Such trees are a future liability to the community and they should never be planted except for some important reason, such as the impossibility of obtaining other types. They are adapted to specimen use rather than to street use.

Acer saccharinum Soft Maple

Acer negundo Box Elder

Aesculus hippocastanum Common Horse-chestnut

Betula (in variety) Birch

Catalpa (in variety) Indian Bean

Gleditsia triacanthos

Honey Locust Platanus occidentalis

American Plane Populus eugenei

Carolina Poplar Robinia pseudacacia

Black Locust

Salix (in variety) Willow

Sorbus aucuparia European Mountain Ash