It is difficult to define the effects which it is intended to produce through the use of plants included in this list. In general, these Plants For Natural, Informal Effects 149 plants are selected because they are somewhat irregular in outline, loose in habit and texture of growth, and are not adapted to producing the neat lines of foliage required in formal development.

Amelanchier oblongifolia

Shad-bush Amelanchier rotundifolia

June Berry Chionanthus virginica

White Fringe

Cornus (in variety) Dogwood

Deutzia (in variety)

Deutzia Diervilla (in variety)

Weigela Forsythia suspensa

Drooping Golden Bell Hippophae rhamnoides

Sea Buckthorn

Laburnum vulgare Golden Chain

Lonicera fragrantissima

Early Fragrant Honeysuckle

Philadelphus grandiflorus Large-flowered Mock Orange

Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark

Prunus avium plena

European Double-flowering Cherry

Ptelea trifoliata Hop Tree

Rhododendron (in variety) Native Varieties

Rhus (in variety) Sumac

Ribes (in variety)

Flowering Currant Robinia pseudacacia

Black Locust Rosa rugosa

Japanese Rose

Salix babylonica Weeping Willow

Sambucus canadensis American Elder

Spiraea vanhouttei

Van Houtte's Bridal Wreath Symphoricarpos racemosus


Symphoricarpos vulgaris

Indian Currant Tamarix gallica

French Tamarisk Viburnum opulus

High-bush Cranberry