Nearly all hothouse climbers, several of them having most curious and remarkable flowers. They are best planted out in the houses where they grow freely. They are, however, of little value commercially, except the hardy species, A. Sipho, the familiar Dutchman's pipe, which is one of the handsomest of vines. For covering a veranda, summer house or trellis it is admirably suited. Its peculiarly formed little flower, from which it takes its familiar name, is inconspicuous, being overshadowed by its large leaves.

You are constantly asked for a good hardy vine. Few plants are better than Aristolochia Sipho. It needs some support to twine and twist around. It is easily propagated from cuttings but if you are not in the nursery business you had better leave that to the nurseryman, who will supply you with strong plants at a price that will enable you to make a good profit.

A. Sipho thrives in any good garden soil. As a curiosity A. gigas is the most remarkable but it is not handsome and has anything but a pleasing odor.