Unless you are well paid for the decoration you cannot afford to loan many flowering plants. For a church decoration we are never asked, but for a private function we have to, and must make out our bill or estimate accordingly.

Beginning in the fall the chrysanthemums are most in favor. Groups of yellow or pink or white varieties are often called for. However good the care given these plants they are shaky after a night in a room where there has been a strong glare of gas and a crowd of people.

Here will be a good place to mention that the cause of carnations (and perhaps other flowers) closing up in one night in a room or hall that has been crowded with people is the fact that there has been such a crowd of people. We have noticed this in both large and small rooms, and it was also noticed in one of the plant houses at Schenley Park in Pittsburg, where many thousands of people passed through in one day. The carnations collapsed, other flowers did not. But if it has this effect on carnations the breath of the multitude in one room can't be good for any flowers. And as a rule when a plant goes to a decoration we expect it to return much the worse for wear.

Azaleas, from December to May, are the finest of our decorative plants, and after a few days for recuperation are again of service.

At the holidays the poinsettia is with us a leading article and is now closely associated with Christmas. They droop quickly if they receive anything like a chill.

From November on the Liliums Har-risii and longiflorum are always in demand.

Spiraea wilts worse than any other plant, and should receive an extra soaking of water before going out.

Plants of lilac, deutzia, Ghent azalea and cytisus are used largely in the late winter and spring months.

Whole flats of tulips, narcissi and hyacinths are often used, with ribbons to match the colors of the flowers. There is no variety of tulip so fine for decorating, either in pans or flats, as the double Murillo, almost pure white when first opening, but assuming on its velvety petals the finest shade of blush pink, and so large.