The best known species is elata, of which there are two varieties. One has white flowers, but the variety grandi-flora is a fine blue. They are often used as flower garden plants, but are more suitable for the mixed border, as they are liable to go out of bloom just when their color is most needed.

For the flower garden sow the seed in March and transplant into flats or small pots and plant after all danger of frost. As a pot plant for winter use (and they will flower during our darkest days) sow in July and August. A pan six or seven inches across and four inches deep, with half a dozen plants, makes a nice show, and many of them could be sold as Christmas plants. "When once established in the pans they are better kept out of doors in a frame and given the open air, but covered with glass in case of a storm. They must be syringed daily and will need pinching once or twice to induce them to branch. Remove to the greenhouse before any danger of frost.