If it were not for seeing a plant of this old favorite perennial occasionally in our public markets we would forget them entirely. The Germans have raised some fine strains of these most fragrant flowers and their people are always fond of them.

If you buy seed of the best double-flowered strain you will be sure to get some singles among them. The prevailing colors are red, brown and yellow. Were it not for its odor the flower would not be highly prized, but few flowers have a fragrance that pleases everybody as does the wallflower.

For the border the seed can be sown in August and the seedlings planted out in a coldframe, protected during winter and transplanted to their permanent quarters when the ground is dry.

For raising in pots sow in April and May and plant out in the open ground in June. Lift in October and winter them in a well protected coldframe, or better yet, in a very cool house, where they will throw up their spikes of flowers in May or earlier.