The double form of this little plant is quite important to the florist whose business includes flower gardening, and particularly for the edges of veranda-boxes and vases. Sprays of its small white flowers were formerly much in demand for funeral designs, and plants were often grown on the edges of carnation beds where the flowers could hang over the walks, and I have seen whole benches devoted to its cultivation. As a cut flower it is not now so much in favor, but as a flower garden plant it is most useful.

We lift a few old plants in September, cutting them back, and from the young tender growths get lots of cuttings, or young, suitable growths from outside will give you stock. During winter you can multiply it by cuttings ad libitum.

Here is another plant that we find the mild hotbed suits finely. You should have a large lot in 2-inch pots early in April, when if shifted into 3-inch and put in the hotbed they make fine plants for use in boxes and vases at the end of May.

The large, double-flowering kind is the most useful. The single or true species is always raised from seed which is sown out of doors in spring with the summer annuals.

Tom Thumb is a very dwarf, compact form and is used for carpet bedding. Raised from seed sown in February.