There are few prettier basket plants than the above, and its variety T. auran-tiaca. Its flower resembles a miniature convolvulus. It is an annual and easily raised from seed sown in March. Being a true climber, it is most suitable for our hanging baskets.

Sow the seed, which is quite large, in light soil and keep in good heat. When well up pot into 2 1/2-inch pots; the reason they should have 2 1/2-inch pots is to give the plants room to grow, for if stunted early they soon get infested with red spider; in fact, they are very badly addicted to it, and that is their chief defect.

When put into a basket they grow quickly and soon wind up the wires or hang over the sides. They should not be at a lower temperature than 60 degrees at any time, and are not suited for a basket in a windy situation, for the foliage would not stand it.