The Young Gardener's Assistant, containing Catalogues of Garden and Flower Seed, with Practical Directions under each head for the Cultivation of Culinary Vegetables and Flowers; also, directions for cultivating Fruit Trees, Shrubs, and Vines, including the Fig, the Cranberry, and the Grape Vine. To which is added a Calendar to each part, showing the work necessary to be done in the various departments of Gardening each month of the year. The whole adapted to the climate of the United States. The 12th edition, improved, 520 pages octavo. By T. Bridgeman, Gardener, Seedsman, and Florist: New-York.

As each part of the above Work makes a complete volume, a large Edition has been published in three separate books, with a view to accommodate the different description of cultivators. They are entitled as follows:-

The Kitchen Gardener's Instructor; which contains ample directions for the cultivation of Culinary Vegetables and Herbs throughout the ordinary season; and instructions for Forcing and Forwarding Vegetables in winter and early in the spring.

The Florist's Guide, contains all the necessary information for managing a Flower Garden, and for cultivating Exotic Plants, either in a Greenhouse, or warm room.

The Fruit Cultivator's Manual, is designed to qualify the novice in Fruit Culture for the superintendence of his own Orchard and Fruit Garden.

Each of the above Volumes contains 176 pages, 12mo. Price Fifty-Cents, half bound; Sixty-two Cents, full bound.

Booksellers and Seedsmen supplied on liberal terms, by the Author, Broadway, corner of Eighteenth Street, New-York.