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Autumn Gage, Roe's Autumn Gage

A new late plum, raised by William Roe, Esq., of Newburgh. Fruit of medium size, oval; skin pale yellow, with whitish bloom; flesh juicy, and of delicate pleasant flavour: in September.

Buel's Favourite

An excellent clingstone plum, raised by Isaac Dennis-ton, of Albany. Fruit pretty large, ovate; skin pale green, sprinkled with lighter dots, and a little red; flesh juicy, and high flavoured: end of August.

Cruger's Scarlet, Cruger's Seedling

A seedling raised by Henry Cruger, Esq., of New York. Fruit rather larger than the Green Gage, roundish oval; skin a lively red covered with thin blue bloom; flesh of a sprightly flavour.

Damson, Common Damson, Purple Damson, Black Damson. A favourite fruit with old housekeepers for preserves, of which there are many varieties, which from being frequently raised from seed varies somewhat in character They ripen in succession from September to November.

Denniston's Superb

Fruit round, a little flattened; skin yellowish green, with purple blotches, overspread with a thin bloom; flesh very thick, juicy, with a rich vinous flavour: a freestone, ripening towards the end of August.

Ickworth Imperatrice, Knight's No

6. A choice seedling from Mr. Knight of Downton Castle. Fruit above medium size, obovate; skin purple, embroidered with streaks of golden fawn colour; flesh juicy and rich: it ripens early in October, and may be kept till Christmas if laid away in paper.


An attractive looking English clingstone plum of medium size; skin dark red in the sun, paler in the shade, and dotted; flesh yellow, rich, juicy, and of delicious flavour: towards the end of August.


A plum of high merit, raised by the late Judge Buel. Fruit large, oval; skin golden yellow, with a purplish red cheek, covered with a thin bloom: flesh rich, juicy, and high flavoured: towards the end of August.

Lombard, Bleecker's Scarlet, Beekman's Scarlet. This variety was brought into notice by Mr. Lombard, of Springfield, Massachusetts. Fruit of medium size, roundish oval; skin delicate violet, dotted with red; flesh yellow, juicy, and pleasant: in August.

Orange Plum, Orange Gage

A plum of extraordinary size from the garden of Mr. Teller, of Rhinebeck, New York. Skin bronze yellow, clouded with purple; flesh deep yellow, a little coarse grained, but of a pleasant acid flavour: ripens the last of August.

Purple Favourite

This variety was first introduced by A. J. Downing, Esq., of the Newburgh Nursery. Fruit above medium size, roundish ovate; skin light brown in the shade, purple in the sun, dotted with golden specks, and thin light bloom; flesh pale green, very juicy, tender, luscious, and melting: ripens towards the last of August.