A very fine heart-shaped cherry; of a yellow amber colour, marbled with bright red in the shade, bright red next the sun; flesh tolerably firm juicy, rich, and sweet: ripe end of June and in July.

Gridley, Apple Cherry

A native fruit of medium size, which originated on the firm of Mr. Gridley, of Roxbury, near Boston; the colour is black, the flesh firm, and of a fine flavour: in July. The tree grows vigorous, and is very productive.

Knight's Early Black

The blossoms of this variety appear very early; its fruit resembles the Waterloo; of a rich dark hue; its flesh is firm juicy, and abundantly sweet: by the middle of June.

Mazzard, Black

This cherry grows wild, and is cultivated also in abundance in various parts of England. It is the principal fruit employed for the making of Cherry Brandy, and the stocks of the species are best adapted for nursery men to bud and graft the better kinds on.

Napoleon BiGarreau, Bigarreau Napoleon, Lauermann, Gros Bigarreau de Lauermann. The tree of this variety is remarkable for the vigour and beauty of its growth; it produces a fine large white fruit with red spots; the flesh is remarkably white, solid, and of a sweet, agreeable flavour: early in July.

White Bigarreau

Mr. Manning represents this as one of the largest and finest cherries known. The form is obtuse, heart-shaped; skin pale yellow, with a bright red cheek; flesh very firm, juicy, sweet, and fine flavoured ripe in July. Mr. Manning observes, that this variety has the re- putation of being a shy bearer, but that in his orchard it yields an abundance of fruit and, that owing to the hardness of its flesh, is not liable to injury from birds; on this account, he says, it is highly deserving of cultivation.

White Heart, Remington White Heart, Late White Heart. A mode late sized cherry, of pleasant flavour; chiefly valuable for its very late maturity, being towards the end of August It is said to have originated in Rhode Island.

White Tartarian, White Transparent Crimea, Fraser's White, Guigne de Russie blanc. A beautiful cherry, pale yellow, approaching to amber next the sun; a much admired fruit, of excellent flavour: a good bearer, ripening early in July.

Allen's Sweet Montmorency, Late Montmorency

A seedling raised by J. F. Allen, Esq., of Salem, Massachusetts. Fruit of medium size, nearly round; skin pale amber, mottled with red; flesh yellowish, tender, sweet, and excellent. It is a good bearer, and ripens its fruit late in July.

Baumann's May, Wilder's Bigarreau de Mai

A very early variety imported by Col. Wilder; fruit rather small, oval heart-shaped; skin deep rich red; flesh, when fully ripe, sweet and good: ripe by the end of May.

Bigarreau China, Chinese Heart

A fine variety raised by the late Mr. W. Prince, of Flushing, L. I. Fruit of medium size, oval heart-shaped, with a distinct suture line; skin, when fully ripe, glossy red, mottled with numerous light spots; flesh firm, and of a rich peculiar flavour; late in July.

Bigarreau Holland, Spotted Bigarreau, Armstrong's Bigarreau. Fruit very large, of a regular heart-shape; skin pale yellow, mottled and spotted with bright red; flesh juicy, sweet, and excellent: towards the end of June.

Bigarreau Tardif de Hildesheim, Hildesheim Bigarreau. Fruit of medium size, heart-shaped; skin yellow, mottled and marbled with red; flesh pale yellow, firm, with a sweet and agreeable flavour. This variety ripens here in August, and is considered by Thompson the latest sweet cherry known.

Downing's Red Cheek

An excellent seedling cherry raised at the nursery of A. J. Downing, Newburgh. Fruit rather large, regularly obtuse heart-shaped; skin thin, white, with a rich dark crimson cheek; flesh yellowish, of a sweet and luscious flavour: about the middle of June.


A beautiful variety raised by T. A. Knight, of Downton Castle, England. Fruit very large, blunt heart-shaped; skin cream colour, stained and marbled with red dots; a delicious cherry early in July.

Early Purple Guigne, Early Purple Griotte

An early variety ripening towards the end of May, newly introduced from England. Fruit of medium size; skin dark red and purple; flesh purple, tender, juicy, and delicious.

Manning's Mottled, Mottled Bigarreau

A beautiful heart cherry, raised by Mr. Manning from a seed of the Bigarreau; fruit above medium size, roundish heart-shaped; skin glossy amber colour, mottled with red; flesh, when fully ripe, yellow and tender, with a delicious juice: ripens late in June.

Transparent Guigne, Transparent Gean, Transparent. Fruit small, borne in pairs, and heart-shaped; skin glossy, thin, and nearly transparent; colour yellowish white, delicately mottled with fine red; flesh tender, melting, and sweet: ripe early in July.