American Amber, Early Amber New Honey

A beautiful heart-shaped cherry, of medium size, and dark pink or amber colour; flesh, rich, sweet, and excellent. It ripens early in June.

American Heart, Arden's White Heart A medium sized cherry, of pale yellowish colour; obtuse heart shaped; flesh tender and palatable, but not high flavoured. The tree, which ripens its fruit in June, is very productive.

Bella de Rocmont, Bigarreau de Rocmont, Coeur de pigeon, Flesh Col. Bigarreau. A beautiful heart shaped fruit, of pale yellowish and red colour, marbled and glossy; flesh firm, white; juice sprightly and of an agreeable flavour: in June and July.


Black. Manning's Black Bigarreau. This variety is considered highly deserving a place in every good collection; it originated in Mr. Manning's nursery at Salem; the fruit is large, colour black; flesh sweet and of peculiar rich flavour. The tree grows handsome, is very productive, and ripens its fruit in July.

Bigarreau, Graffion, Turkey Bigarreau, Yellow Spanish, White Bigarreau, Imperial, Guigne Ambree, White Orleans. Very large, obtuse, heart-shaped; yellowish amber colour, but fine red next the sun; flesh firm, white, sweet, and well flavoured; a beautiful and excellent fruit: ripe in June and July. This variety commands the highest price in market.

Bigarreau White, White Ox Heart, and Harrison's Heart, of Downing. White Bigarreau Tradescant, and Bigarreau blanc le gros. of Prince. Fruit large; obtuse heart shaped; of pale yellow and white colour, mottled with red; flesh white, firm, and well flavoured: ripe in June and July.

Black Eagle

A beautiful variety, raised by Miss Knight, of Downton Castle, 1S06: fruit of globular form, and middle size; skin dark purple, or nearly black; flesh very tender, rich, and of excellent flavour. The tree grows strong, very upright and ripens its fruit early.

Black Heart Gignier a Fruit noir

Fruit rather large, heart-shaped; dark purple, approaching to black at maturity; flesh dark red, tender, of excellent flavour: ripe early in July. Tree a good bearer.

Black Tartarian, Black Circassian, Fraser's Black Tartarian, Black Russian, Ronald's Large Black Heart, Fraser's Black Heart. A very large heart-shaped fruit, of a most superior quality; colour dark shining purple, or black; flesh firm, dark red or purple; sweet, and of most excellent flavour: in June and July. The tree grows rapid, and is very productive.

Davenport's Early Black, New May Duke

This variety is considered as one of the finest and most productive of early cherries known. The fruit is of medium size, heart-shaped, of a dark glossy black colour; flesh firm, and of a pleasant sub-acid flavour. It ripens a week or ten days earlier than the May Duke.


Black Oxheart, Tradescant's Black, Bigarreau gros noir, Large Black Bigarreau. A large, black, heart-shaped cherry, well suited to bear carriage to market from the firmness of its flesh. This variety ripens the second and third week in July, when other kinds are scarce - (Prince.)

Elton - This excellent variety was raised by Mr. Knight in 1806; the tree is very vigorous and productive; the fruit is pretty large, heart-shaped; pale glossy yellow in the shade, but marbled with bright red next the sun; flesh firm, sweet, and rich: ripens soon after the May Duke.