The Wood Strawberry, Fragaria vesea, with oval serrated leaves; the fruit red white, and green, which is round and small. A native of Britain. Some of the varieties are in great repute, as they are very productive, and continue long in bearing.

The Scarlet

Fragaria Virginiana, with leaves like the preceding; the fruit roundish and scarlet-coloured. A native of Virginia. Varieties- Methven Scarlet, Knight's Scarlet, Austrian Scarlet. Early Scarlet, Wilmot's late, Common late. Wilmot's Early Scarlet, &c

The Roseberrv

Fragaria, Virg var. An Aberdeen seedling, introduced in 1810. The plants have few roundish leaves, larger fruit than the scarlet, and are very prolific; continues bearing till August.

The Black var

Downton, Dark Scarlet Strawberry, originated by Mr. Knight. The fruit is large, irregular, and cockscomb-like; plant hardy and prolific.

The Carolina, Fragaria Carolinensis; colour dark red; a native of America. There are several choice varieties of this fruit, as - Elton's Seedling, Keen's Seedling, Mulberry, Wilmot's Black Imperial, Blood Pine, North's Seedling, Knevet's Seedling. etc.

The Musky, or Hautbois

Fragaria elatio, with oval, rough, javelin-edged leaves. A native of Britain. Varieties - Black Hautbois, White Hautbois. Globe Hautbois. Conical Hautbois, Double or Twice Bearing, producing delicious fruit in spring and autumn.

The Chui, Fragaria Chilensis, with large, oval, thick, hairy leaves, and large flowers; the fruit large and very firm; a native of South America. Wilmot's suberb. or Large Cockscomb Scarlet. Knight's Seedling, and Greenwell's New Giant, are highly esteemed varieties.

Keen's Imperial, or New Chili, Fragaria Chili var., raised by Mr. Keen, of Isleworth, a most excellent bearer, ripening early. The fruit is very larg; the flesh firm and solid, without any separate core: colour scarlet.

The Alpine, or Prolific, Fragaria collina, commonly lasts from June till November and in mild seasons till near Christmas; the varieties of this fruit are red and white. Natives of the Alps of Europe.

The One-Leaved

Fragaria monophylla, the pulp of the fruit, pink-coloured. A native of South America.

The following varieties have been lately propagated from some of the above species:-

Bishop's Orange, Bishop's Globe, Bishop's New

Fruit large, of round-isn or connical form; orange scarlet colour and very delicious flavour; ripe early in July.

Garnstone Scarlet

A fine, highly esteemed scarlet variety, of large size, roundish form and peculiarly rich flavour, which ripens early in June.

Elton, Elton Pine Strawberry

Fruit very large; form heart shaped, or obtusely conical; colour bright dark scarlet; flesh firm, rosy red; flavour very rich, spicy, aromatic and agreeable. A beautiful drawing of this fruit is given in "Hoffy's Orchardist's Companion," from whence the above description was taken.