Grove End Scarlet, Atkinson's Scarlet

A seedling raised by Wm. Atkinson, at Grove End, Marylebone, in 1820; fruit large, oblate, of a bright vermillion colour, and rich flavour; ripe by the middle of June.

Hovey's Seedling

This favourite variety was raised by Messrs. Hovey & Co., of Boston, in 1834. Fruit very large; form round, or slightly ovate, conical; colour deep shining red, paler in the shade; flesh scarlet, and firm, abounding in an agreeable acid, and high flavoured juice, not surpassed by any other variety; ripe early in July.

Hudson's Bay, American Scarlet, Velvet Scarlet, Large Hudson. Fruit large, of ovate form; represented by Mr. Downing as the best for market; early in July.

Monthly Red Alpine

Fruit of medium size, and conical form; continues bearing fruit moderately from June till winter.

Myatt's British Queen

The fruit of this celebrated variety is said to be of monstrous size; in form roundish, and in quality first-rate; about the middle of July.

Myatt's Pine

A medium sized fruit of ovate form, and very rich flavoured; ripening in July.

Prince Albert

A new variety lately raised in London, represented as a large fruit of ovate form, very splendid in appearance, and delicious in flavour; ripe in July.

Prince's New Pine

An excellent seedling variety of large size and ovate form. Raised by Wm. R. Prince, of Flushing:; ripe early in July.

Roseberry Montevideo, Montevideo Early Scarlet. An improved American seedling, from the common Roseberry: of large size, conical form, and fine flavour; ripe early in July.

Swainstone's Seedling

This variety is described as large, ovate, and of the very first quality ripening one crop early in June, and a second crop in autumn.

Victoria, Higgins's Seedling

The fruit of this variety is greatly esteemed: it is extra large, of roundish form, and exquisite flavour; early in July.

Warren's Seedling, Warren's Methven

This is represented as a peculiar fruit, being of large size, and in form nearly flat; it is moreover of a rich pine-apple flavour, and yields abundantly throughout the month of July.

White Bush Alpine, New White Alpine

A medium sized berry, of ovate form and agreeable flavour: the plant has no runners, and ripens its fruit in June and July.

All the species and varieties of this fruit are highly estimated in Britain, where they are cultivated in great perfection. Berries have been known to weigh from one to two ounces, which have been grown to the circumference of eight inches and upward. It may be gratifying to the lovers of this excellent fruit to be informed that some of the best kinds are attainable here. The late Jesse Buel, Esq., of Albany, informed us, in the Albany Argus, of June 23,1830, that he had grown the Downton, (a variety of the Chili, crossed by Mr. Knight,) two years in succession, 4 3/4 inches in circumference. He said, that "he picked a pailful that morning of the Methven Scarlet Strawberry, which had an average circumference of three inches each. Several measured four inches, and one four and a quarter inches. Sixty-three, divested of the calyx, weighed a pound, which is a trifle more than four to the ounce."Several of the choicest kinds have been lately transplanted from the London Society's Garden into the American Nurseries, and some fine native seedlings have been lately propagated, which will bear comparison with many of the best foreign varieties.