American Black

Block Cap. This fruit is of smallish size, and ripens June and July. It is a favourite with some.

American Red, English Red, Common Red

This variety is much cultivated for the market. The fruit ripens in June and July, successively.

Antwerp Red Large Red Antwerp, Howland's Red Antwerp, Burley. This species is rather tender, on which account the branches must be bent down in autumn, and covered with soil. See Calenlar. The fruit is large and beautiful, of delicious flavour, and quite fragrant; in June and July.

Antwerp White, Yellow Antwerp

This is also tender or half hardy, but very prolific; the fruit is large, of a pale yellow colour, and much esteemed. It ripens in June and July.

Barnet, Cornwallis Prolific, Lord Exmouth, Large Red. This is considered a first-rate fruit, and yields abundantly; in June and July.

Bee Hive

A new variety, introduced by Messrs. Winter & Co., of the Linnaean Botanic Garden, Flushing. The fruit is large, of round shape and red colour; ripe in July.

Cornish, Large Cornish

A hardy and highly productive variety, yielding an abundance of Red Berries in June and July.

Double Bearing Red, Twice Bearing

This species is very prolific, producing its first crop in July, and another in October.

Flesh Coloured, Framboisier couleur de chair

A new variety, imported by W. R. Prince & Co.. from France. It is described as an highly flavoured and much esteemed fruit.

Franconia, Red Franconia

This variety is in great repute for its productiveness and the fineness of its fruit, which ripens gradually in July.

Monthly or Four Seasons, Perpetual Bearing

This species, if planted in a shady situation, will produce successional crops throughout the summer.

Red TalL

Cane. There are several species of the Cane Raspberry, some of which are worthless. The Tall Red Cane produces fine fruit in July and August, and very frequently in autumn.


This Queen of Raspberries has been imported by W. R. Prince, and plants are offered for sale at his nursery at Flushing, for twenty-five cents each.