Ambree de Choisy, Belle de Choisy of Downing

Cerise Doucette, Cerise de la Palembre of the French gardens. A middle size roundish fruit, highly deserving of cultivation. Skin transparent, red, mottled with amber; flesh amber coloured, tender, and sweet. It bears well as a standard, and ripens its fruit in June.

Archduke, Royal Duke, Grio'te de Portugal, Portugal Duke. A large globular-formed red cherry; like the May Duke, it grows in clusters, but the tree grows more vigorously than that variety; and yields an abundance of fruit, which hangs a long time on the tree improving in flavour, in July.

Belle et Magnifique

A fine round cherry, much esteemed in Massachusetts. The tree is vigorous and productive; the fruit truly magnificent; its colour red, mottled with white spots, and abounding in acid; valuable from its late maturity, in July.

Carnation, Cerise Nouvelle d' Angleterre, and Cerise de Portugal, of Downing. Late Spanish, Griotte d' Espagne, and Griotte de Villenes, of Prince Fruit round, of a pale red colour; flesh firm, with a very good flavoured juice; makes excellent preserves, and is good for the table in July.

Downer's Late Red, Downer's Favourite

A large round cherry, deserving a place in every garden, raised by S. Downer, Esq., of Dorchester, Massachusetts; colour light red; flesh firm and of a fine sprightly flavour; ripening after most other superior varieties are gone, on which account this variety is highly prized in the markets.

Kentish, Early Kentish, Early Richmond, Virginian May, Long Stem Montmorency, Montmorency a longue queue. Mr. Prince says that other varieties are sold erroneously under the above names. The fruit of this variety is round; skin red; flesh sprightly acid; juice abundant; excellent for the table and kitchen. It will hang long on the tree, in favourable weather, in June and July.

Late Duke

Cerise Anglaise tardive, Unique nouvelle. Fruit large, above the size of a May Duke; obtuse heart shaped, rather flat; skirt a shining dark red; flesh amber coloured, tender, juicy, and high flavoured. Tree a great bearer, and ripens its fruit in July.

Mat Duke, Early Duke, and Cerise Guigne of Downing. Holman's Duke, June Duke, Griotte de Portugal, and Royale hative, of Prince Fruit of medium size, roundish growing in clusters; the skin, when fully ripe, very dark red; the flesh is soft and juicy, with a very pleasant acid This excellent variety ripens about the middle of June.

Morello, English Morello, Milan, Cerise du nord, Griotte du nord Fruit of medium size, round; of a dark red colour, nearly black at matu rity; flesh deep red. tender, juicy, and blended with an agreeable acid; ripe in July, and hangs some time on the tree. This variety is excellent for preserves, and for Brandy.

Plumstone Morello

A tree of moderate size, of the Duke or Kentish species; a very large, dark, round cherry, nearly black; of a rich acid flavour. The stone is very large, and resembles that of a plum; a native of Virginia, introduced by William Prince, of the Linnaen Botanic Garden, Flushing.


A large, roundish, dark cherry, inclining to black at maturity; the flesh is firm and of an excellent flavour; raised by a daughter of Mr. Knight, and so named from perfecting its fruit soon after the battle of Waterloo. The tree is of strong but irregular growth, and ripens its fruit in July.