Hubing's Superb, Keyser's Plum

This Plum is of monstrous size, and has been known to weigh nearly four ounces; it is of roundish form, and of a greenish yellow colour; the flesh is sweet and excellent. It was raised from seed by Mr. Keyser, of Pennsylvania, and brought into notice by Dr. Wm. Hulings, of that State.

Imperatrice, Imperatrice Violette, Blue Imperatrice. Simiana of some collections. One of the best of late clingstone Plums; fruit medium size, oval; skin rich deep purple, covered with bloom; flesh yellowish green, a little firm, very sweet, rich and juicy; the fruit hangs long on the tree, and is at maturity in October and November.

Imperial Diadem, Red Imperial, Red Diaper

A fine fruit, admirably adapted for culinary purposes; shape oval; colour pale red, but dark when mature; flesh yellow, and separates from the stone; juice plentiful when perfectly ripe, which is early in September; it is of good flavour, and highly perfumed.

Italian Damask, Damas d' Italic This fruit is of medium size, nearly round, a little flattened at the base; its colour blue or violet, and covered with a purple bloom; its flesh is yellow, rich, and juicy, and the tree, which matures its fruit in August, is very productive.

Kirke's Plum

This variety is said to be as hardy and prolific as the Orleans, as handsome as the Damask, and as good as the Green Gage; fruit large, roundish; skin covered with a close, firm, azure bloom, through which appears a few golden specks; flesh greenish yellow, firm, juicy and rich; in perfection the early part of September.

La Royale, Royale

A large and excellent freestone Plum, of a homely dull red colour, but concealed by a thick violet or azure bloom; flesh fine, yellowish green, firm, juicy, high flavoured and delicious; a superior Plum; at maturity early in September.

Late Purple Damson, Purple Winter Damson, Blue Damascene, Blue Damson. This variety is in great esteem for preserves, and generally commands a high price. It is of a dark purple colour, covered with bloom; the flesh has rather too much acidity for a table fruit, but this tartness gives it an agreeable flavour when cooked, and if the fruit remains on the tree until November, it becomes sweet.

Lawrence Gage, Lawrence's Favourite

A large round freestone Plum, of a yellowish green colour, tinged with red; flesh firm and of delicious flavour, similar to the Green Gage. The tree is very fertile, and yields an abundance of fruit in August and September.

Lucombe's Nonsuch

This Plum is large, compressed at the summit and base; its breadth is two inches; its colour at maturity, as well as its form, resemble the Green Gage, but more streaked with yellow; flesh firm, rich and juicy; at maturity in August; tree a good bearer.

Mimm's, Minim's Plum, Diaper Rougue

The fruit is very large, a little oblong; colour bright purple, covered with thick bloom; its flesh, which separates from the stone, is yellowish green, tender, juicy, and very agreeably flavoured; ripe in September.

Morocco, Early Black Damask, Black Damascus, Black Morocco, Early Damusk, Early Morocco. This is considered one of the best of early Plums. The tree is very hardy and productive; fruit middle sized, roundish; skin deep blackish purple, covered with a light blue bloom; flesh greenish yellow, juicy, rich, and high flavoured; ripe early in August.

Nectarine Plum, Caledonian, Howell's Large, Prune Peche, Jenkin's Imperial. One of the most beautiful Plums known; large, nearly round; the skin at maturity varies from red to crimson, covered with azure bloom; flesh yellowish, coarse grained, astringent; juice abundant, and of a mild, pleasant flavour, at maturity in July and early in August.

New-York Purple, Brevoort's Purple Bolmar, Brevoort's Purple Washington. An excellent fruit, raised from a seed of Bolmar's Washington Plum, that had been impregnated with the pollen of the blue Gage. The fruit is very large; skin brown red, covered with purple bloom; flesh yellow, of a rich and brisk flavour, and adheres to the stone; ripe towards the end of August.