Napoleon, Medaille, Sauvageon Liart

Roide Rome, and Wurtemburg of Prince. Fruit large, form of the Colmar; skin smooth; colour bright green, but at maturity pale green; flesh very melting with an unusual abundance of rich agreeable juice. At perfection in October and November

Princesse of Orange, Princess d' Orange, Princess Cmquette. The fruit is roundish; the skin bright reddish orange russet; flesh yellowish white, sugary and rich, in some seasons perfectly melting, but occasionally a little gritty. A beautiful Pear, and of good quality; in October.

Seckle, New-York Red Cheek, Red Cheek Seckle, Sycle. An excellent native fruit, in size rather small; colour varying from yellowish to brownish russet, but bright red next the sun; flesh melting, spicy, and of a most extraordinary rich flavour. This fruit grows in clusters, in great abundance, and is at perfection in September and October.

Swan's Egg, Moor Fowl Egg of Boston

Fruit small, of an oval, turbinate figure; colour yellowish green, and dull russetty brown; flesh tender and melting, with a rich, saccharine, musky flavour. An excellent fruit; ripe in October. The tree is remarkably tall, upright, vigorous, and productive.

Urbaniste, Beurre du Roi

The fruit is of medium size, pyramidally ovate; skin pale green, inclining to yellow, with green streaks; flesh white, but reddish yellow next the core; it is quite melting, juicy, and very sweet, with a little perfume; it ripens from the middle of September to November.


A native fruit from New Jersey, of medium size and oval form; the skin is light yellow, covered with small brown spots, with a tinge of red; the flesh melting, and of excellent flavour. Mr. Manning says the tree bears well, and is worthy of general cultivation; fruit ripens in September.

White Doyenne, Doyenne Blanc, Beurre Blanc, Bonne ante, Si. Mi-ehael, Carlisle, Citron de Septembre, Kaiserbirne, Poire a courte queue, Poire de Limon, Poire de Seigneur, Poire Monsieur, Valencia, White Beurre, Virgulieu of some collections. Fruit pretty large; roundish oblong; skin pale citron yellow, with cinnamon russet, speckled; flesh white, juicy, very buttery, and delicious; ripe in September and October. An old, and once celebrated variety, still admired by many, although excluded from some nurseries, or cultivated under new names.


A native Pear from Cumberland, R. I. The tree bears young, and is very fruitful; size above medium; form oblong; skin yellow, with a brownish blush near the sun; flesh white, juicy, and melting; at perfection in October and November.