Charles d'Autriche, Gracieuse

Charles of Austria. A fine and beautiful fruit, large, three and a half inches long, and three inches broad; colour greenish yellow, with brown spots, and partially russetted; flesh white, melting, juicy, and delicious; ripe in October, and good in November.


A native fruit from Cumberland, Rhode Island, of large size and oblong shape; skin orange colour, with bright red cheek; the flesh melting, juicy and good; ripe in October. The tree is of vigorous growth, says Mr. Manning, and bears abundantly.

Cushing- A native fruit from Hingham, Massachusetts; of medium size and oblong shape; skin, when ripe, smooth, of a light yellow, mottled with dull red on one side; flesh white, melting, sprightly and good. Mr. Manning says it comes early into bearing, and produces plenty of fruit in September and October.

Delices D' Ardenpont, Delices d' Hardenpont de Toulouse. Beurre d' Ardenpont of some. Fruit above medium size; oblong, pyramidal; skin yellow at maturity, and partially covered with a thin cinnamon coloured russet; flesh yellowish white, nearly melting; juice pleasant, sweet, and abundant; in October and November. The tree is a good bearer.

Dix. A native variety originating in the garden of Mr. Dix, in Boston; fruit large, oblong; skin, when ripe, yellow, with a blush of red; flesh melting, juicy and rich; in October and November.

Doyenne Santelete

A new, fine, handsome Flemish Pear; fruit above the middle size, pyramidally oblong; skin pale green, speckled with grey russet; flesh white, a little gritty, but tender; juice saccharine, with a slight musky perfume. The tree is hardy, and ripens its fruit early in October.

Duchess of Angouleme, Duchesse d'Angouleme

A Pear of first-rate excellence. Form roundish, oblong, tapering towards the stalk; skin dull yellow, with broad russet patches; flesh white, rich, melting, very juicy, and high flavoured, with a most agreeable perfume. Specimens of this fruit have been shown in England, weighing twenty-two ounces; at perfection in October and November.

Flemish Beauty, La Belle de Flanders

Imperatrice de la France. Brilliant, Bosch, Bouche Nouvelle. A fine Flemish Pear in great repute; it is of large size, obovate, obtuse at the stalk; greenish yellow russet, tinged with crimson; flesh rather firm, yellowish white, sweet, rich, and excellent; it ripens in October.

Frederick of Wurtemberg, Roi de Wurtemberg, Capiaumont of some collections. A large and splendid Pear, of pyramidal form and fine yellow colour, covered with beautiful crimson on one side; flesh melting, and of delicious flavour. The three bears while young, and very abundantly.


A fine Pear of medium size, raised from seed by Mr. Fulton, of Topsham, Maine; shape roundish turbinate; skin dark yellow; rus-cetted; flesh melting, juicy, and of delicious flavour; ripe in September, and lasts a month. The tree is a great and constant bearer, and highly deserving of cultivation.

Gansei.'s Bergamot, Broca's Bergamot Ives's Bergamot, Bonne Rouge. Fruit varying from middle size to large; ovate flattened; colour dull green, slightly red next the sun; flesh white, melting, sweet, rich and high flavoured. A delicious Pear; ripe in October, and good till Christmas. Mr. Manning says that this variety was introduced in 1766, and as yet shows no sign of decay.