Andrews, Amory, Gibson

Fruit oblong; skin yellowish green, with a dull red cheek; flesh melting, juicy, and high flavoured. Mr. Manning represents it as "a very valuable pear, producing its fruit early and abundantly." Ripe in September and October.

Autumn Bergamot, Common Bergamot, York Bergamot, Bergamotte d' Automne, Andrews. Fruit globular, depressed; skin rough, yellowish green, and dull brown, with greyish spots; flesh pale, melting, juicy, sugary and perfumed; ripe in September and October. This variety has been cultivated in England from the time of Julius Caesar, and is still considered by many a first-rate Pear in its season.

Autumn superb

This is a large Pear, full and round at the eye, diminishing to a point at the stem; the skin is yellow, mixed with dull red; the flesh melting and good. Mr. Manning says it bears young; and that the fruit ripens in October.

Belle Et Bonne, Belle d' Flanders, Schone und gute, Gracieuse. Fruit very large, globular, depressed; the stalk long; skin greenish yellow, but next the sun yellow, with spots of russet; flesh white, sweet, exceeding rich and agreeably perfumed. The tree is very productive, and the fruit ripens in September. This variety has been cultivated under the erroneous names of Charles d'Autriche, Belle De Bruxelles and Bergamotte Crus-sanne, which are distinct fruits.

Belle Lucrative, Fondante d'Automne

A beautiful Flemish Pear; middle sized, roundish, tapering at the stalk; skin yellow, slightly rus-setted, and tinged with pale red; flesh melting, sweet and juicy, with a slight musky perfume; early in October. Mr. Manning considered this variety as worthy of a place among the choisest collections.

Beurre Bosc, Calebasse bosc

Fruit large and very long; terminated with a crown, near three inches in diameter; somewhat calabash-formed; skin gray fawn colour, but russetty yellow at maturity; flesh white, melting, highly flavoured, and delicious; it ripens in October.

Bi.eeker's Meadow, Large Seckel, of Prince. Meadow Pear of Winter &Co. A native fruit of medium size, roundish form, and of a yellow colour, tinged with dull red; the flesh melting juicy, sweet, musky, and of delicious flavour; ripe in October. A prolific bearer.

Brown Beurre, Beurre Rouge, Beurre d'Or, Beurre Doie, Beurre du Roi, Beurre d'Amboise, Isambert, Red Beurre, Golden Beurre, Poire d'Am-buise. This was formerly considered the best of all Pears in its season. Fruit rather large, of greenish yellow, and dusky red colour, covered with thin russet; flesh melting, buttery, rich and excellent; at perfection in October and November.

Capiamont, Beurre de Capiaumont, Calebasse vass. This variety is much esteemed in the vicinity of Boston. Fruit of medium size; skin yellow, tinged with fine red or cinnamon; flesh yellowish, melting, very rich and high flavoured; in September and October.


A medium sized Pear, much cultivated near Providence, Rhode Island; the shape is rather globular; skin a light cinnamon russet; flesh white, melting and juicy. The tree bears well, says Mr. Manning, and the fruit ripens in October.