Madeleine, Magdalene, Citron des Carmes

Early Chaumontelle. This Pear is of medium size, pale yellow, with an occasional blush next the sun; flesh white, melting, perfumed. A fine early fruit, ripening in July and August. Mr. Manning considers this a very good Pear; he says the tree bears well every year.

Rousselet De Rheims, Musk or Spice Pear

Fruit small, pyramidal, greenish yellow at maturity, but brown red next the sun, with russetty spots; flesh half beurre, fine very perfumed. Good to put in brandy, and to dry; in August and September.

Sabine d'Ete, Bellissime d' Amour, Epargne of the French. English Red Cheek. This Pear is of pyramidal form, terminating in a round blunt point at the stalk; colour yellow, but fine scarlet next the sun; the whole surface smooth, regular, and polished; flesh white, melting, juicy, and highly perfumed; the tree is an abundant bearer, and ripens its fruit in August.

Stevens's Genesee Pear

A specimen of this Pear was furnished the Orchardists' Companion, from Wm. Reid's Nursery, at Murray Hill, New-York. It appears by the plate, to be a beautiful Pear, of large size, and rather of an oblong form; its colour is mellow green, with russet blotches; its flesh is represented as white, juicy, and melting; flavour sprightly, rich, and very delicious. Time of ripening, toward the end of August

Skinless Pear

Poire sans peau, Fleur de Guignes. A small oblong Pear; the skin, which is very smooth and thin, is pale green, marbled with red and yellow; flesh crisp, sweet, and of pleasant flavour. The tree is very prolific, ripening its fruit in August.

Summer Francreal, Francreal d' Ete, Fondante, France Cannel, Gros Micet d'Ete, Milan Blanc, Prebles Beurre. Fruit above medium size; shape oblong; thickest, about one-third from the eye; skin yellowish green; flesh melting, rich and excellent; ripe early in September.

Summer Melting

Summer Beurre, Fondant d'Ete. An excellent summer Pear, of pyriform shape; colour yellow, tinged with brownish red; flesh soft, melting, and sweet. The tree bears young, and ripens its fruit in August.

Summer Rose, Thorny Rose, Epine Rose, Poire de Rose, Rosenbirne Kraft. A Pear of medium size, in form resembling an Apple; the skin is dull yellow, spotted with russet, and marbled with red; a very productive variety, ripening its fruit early in August. Mr. Manning pronounces this a beautiful fruit, and the tree a great bearer.

Wii.lams's Bonchretien, Bartlet. Williams's Early; Autumn Superb of Prince. This fruit originated with a Mr. Wheeler, at Aldermaston, in Berkshire, England, but was subsequently extensively propagated by Mr. Williams, near London; hence its name. The fruit is large, oblong; the stalk thick and fleshy, an inch long; the colour at maturity yellow tinged with red; flesh whitish, very melting, and delicate; juice perfumed, sweet and abundant Tree very productive, and fruit ripe early in September.