American Summer Pearmain, Early Summer Pearmain. This apple is of medium size and oblong form; its colour bright red on the sunny side, and on the opposite side yellow, streaked or blotched with red; the flesh is very juicy, tender, fine flavoured, and excellent. It ripens early in August, and is good either for the dessert or for cooking. Tree a good bearer.


Fruit of medium size, form round and regular; the flesh yellow, high flavoured, and excellent; it ripens in July and August. " The tree bears well," says Mr. Manning, "and should be found in every good collection."

Early Bough, Sweet Bough

The size of this fruit varies from medium to large; its colour pale yellow; its form oblong; its skin smooth; flesh tender, juicy, sweet, and excellent. Ripens early in August Early Crofton, or Irish Peach Apple. An Irish apple, of the middle size and flattish shape; of an olive green colour, much variegated with red; has a rich saccharine flavour; is much esteemed for the dessert, and is excellent also as a sauce apple. Ripens in August. The tree grows well, and is not apt to canker.

Early Harvest, Prince's Yellow Harvest, Pomme d'ete, July Pippin. A very early apple, of medium size; bright straw colour; flesh white and tender; juice rich, lively, and very fine. The tree bears young, and makes a fine garden espalier; ripening its fruit in July and August.

Early Red Juneating, Red Margaret, Early Striped Juneating, Strawberry, Eve Apple of the Irish. Fruit below the middle size; skin greenish yellow, richly and closely streaked with deep red; flesh white, juicy, breaking, sub-acid, very rich and agreeable. Ripens early in August.


This variety, says Mr. Manning, originated on the farm of the Rev. Samuel Porter, of Sherburne, Massachusetts. The fruit is large, ot oblong shape; the skin a bright yellow, with a red blush; the flesh fine, sprightly, and agreeable. Ripens in September and October.

Red Astracan

This beautiful apple is of medium size, and roundish; the skin is dark red, covered with thick bloom like a plum; the flesh is white, tender, and somewhat acid. At perfection early in August Red Quarendon, Devonshire Quarenden. Sack Apple. A much esteemed Devonshire apple; of medium size; skin of a uniform deep rich crimson, with numerous green dots intermixed; flesh of a brisk, pleasant, and peculiar flavour. A very desirable dessert apple: from August to October; tree very productive.

Summer Pippin, Pie Apple

This fruit, in size and shape, resembles the Fall Pippin; it differs in having a little more red on the sunny side, and in arriving at maturity about a fortnight earlier. It is a very popular apple in New Jersey.

Summer Queen

A large oblong apple, striped with red on a yellow ground; the flesh is yellow, very high flavoured, and excellent. The tree is of vigorous growth, says Mr. Manning, a great bearer, and ripens its fruit in August.

Summer Rose, Harvest Apple

A very beautiful and excellent fruit, of moderate size and roundish form; the skin is yellow, striped and mottled with red; the flesh is sweet, juicy, and fine: in July and August; tree a great bearer.

Williams's Early, Williams's Favourite Red

This apple originated in Roxbury, Mass.; it is of medium size; oblong form; the skin a bright and deep red; the flavour pleasant and agreeable. The tree is a great bearer, and its fruit commands a good price in the Boston markets: in August and September.