Alexander, Emperor Alexander, Aporta

Fruit very large, somewhat cordate, smallest at the crown; of a greenish yellow colour, striped or marbled with red; pulp tender, sweet, rich, and aromatic: ripens in October, and lasts till Christmas.

American Nonpareil, Doctor Apple

A beautiful apple of medium size and roundish form; its colour yellow, streaked and stained with red on the sunny side, flesh firm, juicy, and agreeable. A very fine market apple in October and November. Tree a great bearer.


A very superior variety, says Mr. Manning; which was first cultivated at Boxford, Massachusetts. Fruit roundish, of medium size; skin striped with red and yellow; the flesh, yellow, rich, and good. The tree is a great bearer, and ripens its fruit in October.

Cumberland Spice

A fine dessert fruit, large, rather oblong; of a pale yellow colour, clouded near the base; the flesh white, tender, and of fine flavour. It ripens in autumn, and will keep till February.

Downton Pippin, Elton Golden Pippin, Knight's Golden Pippin. The Downton Golden Pippin is a most abundant bearer, and the fruit extremely well adapted for market; it is rather larger than the common Golden Pippin; skin nearly smooth; yellow, sprinkled with numerous specks; flesh yellowish, crisp, with a brisk, rich, sub-acid juice; specific gravity 10.79. Ripe in October and November, and will keep good till Christmas.

Drap d'Or of France, Cloth of Gold

This apple is very large and handsome; its form globular; its colour a fine yellow, with dark specks; its flesh white, firm, and rich flavoured. The tree bears well, and should be found in every good collection. Fruit in perfection from September to November.

Fall Harvey

This is a large and handsome fruit, the shape flat, the skin light yellow, with a bright red cheek; flesh yellow, firm, rich, and high flavoured. Mr. Manning considered it "the finest Fall and Early Winter variety; a good bearer, and deserving extensive cultivation."

Fall Pippin, Cobbett's Fall Pippin, Remnete Blanche D'Espagnc, D'Espagne, De Rateau, Concombre Ancien. White Spanish Reinette, Ca-muesar. This extremely valuable variety stands in the first class of autumn fruits, and is very large; its form is roundish oblong; skin smooth, yellowish green, tinged with orange ; flesh yellowish, crisp, and tender, with a very rich, sugary juice. It ripens in October, and keeps well as a fall apple.

Fameuse, Pomme de Neige

A Canadian apple of great beauty; in size medium; skin light green, stained with bright red; flesh white, very tender; juice saccharine, with a musky perfume: ripe in October, and will keep good Mil Christmas. Tree hardy and productive.

Golden Russet, Aromatic Russet

A dessert apple, of medium size, and of a pale copper-coloured russet; in great repute for its rich saccharine, aromatic, and slightly musky flavour. The tree is hardy and very productive: in October and November.