Fruit rather large and compressed; of a yellowish green colour, striped with red; flesh crisp, and high flavoured: ripens in October, and lasts till April. This variety originated in Germany, and is considered the best dessert apple in that country.

Kenrick's Red Autumn

A native apple of largish dimensions, raised by John Kenrick, Esq., of Newton, Massachusetts; colour pale green in the shade, but bright red next the sun, and streaked with deeper red; the flesh white, stained more or less with red; tender, juicy, and rich, with an agreeable sub-acid flavour: ripe in October.

Kilham Hill

This apple, one of the most saleable varieties in Salem markets, originated on the farm of Dr. Kilham, in Wenham, Essex county, Massachusetts; the size is above medium; form a little oblong; the skin yellow, striped with red; the flesh is yellow and high flavoured: from September to November.

Monmouth Pippin

This variety originated in Monmouth county, New Jersey. It is above medium size, of greenish colour, striped with red; flesh firm, and of pleasant flavour. It is considered one of the most saleable and productive varieties of the season; and will keep good till after Christmas.

Orange Sweeting, Yellow Sweeting, Golden Sweeting. This variety is much cultivated near Hartford, Connecticut, for the Boston, Providence, and Philadelphia markets; the fruit is rather large, flattened at its base and summit; the colour yellow, or orange; flesh very sweet and excellent: from September to December.

Red Ingestrie

A first-rate dessert apple, of medium size, and bright yellow colour, deeply tinged with red; raised by Mr. Knight, President of the London Horticultural Society. The tree bears well in America, and ripens its fruit in October, which is very rich, juicy, high flavoured, and grateful to the palate.

Red and Green Sweeting

Prince's Large Red and Green Sweeting. The fruit is of oblong shape; colour green, striped with red; the pulp is very sweet, tender, and of delicious flavour: from September to November Seek no Farther, Rambo, or Romanite. This apple is much cultivated in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Its form is flat, resembling the Vandervere in appearance, but is a more juicy fruit; the skin pale yellow, streaked with red; flesh tender and sprightly during the autumn months.

Stroat, Straat

A fine autumn apple, introduced by the late Jesse Buel, Esq., of Albany, in size medium; form rather oblong; skin yellowish green; flesh yellow and tender; juice rich and lively: in use from September to December.

Yellow Ingestrie

A beautiful apple, raised by Mr. Knight. President of the London Horticultural Society. The size is small, form round and regular; the colour of the skin golden yellow, with some black spots; the flesh yellow, firm, and delicate. The tree is an abundant bearer, and ripens its fruit in October. The late Judge Buel considered this variety as likely to rival the Lady apple as a fashionable fruit.

York Russeting

A very large russety apple, well known about Boston. Its form is rather oblong; its flesh pleasant and agreeably acid; an excellent apple: from October to December.