Golden Harvey, Brandy Apple

A dessert apple, not larger than the Golden Pippin; colour light yellow, with a flush of red, and embroidered with a roughish russet. It is called Brandy Apple from the superior specific strength of its juice, being 10.85; it is of remarkably close texture, very rich in flavour, and will keep till April or May.

Green Sweet, Green Sweeting, Green Winter Sweet. This apple is much cultivated in Massachusetts. It is of medium size; the skin dull green, approaching to yellow; the flesh very sweet and delicious. It possesses the valuable property of retaining its soundness till May or June.

Hubbardston Nonesuch

A large apple of globular form; red and yellow colour, streaked and blotched; the flesh is juicy and of excellent flavour: from December to March. The tree is of vigorous growth, a great bearer, and worthy of extensive cultivation.

Jonathan, King Philip, New Spitzenburgh, Philip Rick. A winter fruit very generally admired in the State of New York. It is of medium size; the skin of pale yellow and bright red colour, occasionally tinged with purple; flesh tender, juice abundant, and highly flavoured. This fruit will keep till May.

Lady Apple, Pomme d'Api

Fruit small, flat; of pale yellow colour, tinged with a deep red on the side; flesh crisp, sprightly, and pleasant: ripens in November, and continues till April. It is a very saleable fruit on account of its great beauty.

Ladies' Sweeting, Winter Sweeting

This apple is above medium size; conical; skin yellow, streaked, and mottled with red; flesh juicy, sweet, and high flavoured: from November to May.

Lemon Pippin

An old and much esteemed dessert apple; of medium size and oval shape, much like a lemon both in form and colour, having a firm texture, brisk flavour, and plenty of acid: from October to March. Tree handsome, and a great bearer.

Maiden's Blush, Hawthorndcn

Fruit large, roundish; skin, pale greenish yellow, tinged with blush; the pulp is white, tender, juicy, and acid; and the fruit is good for the table as well as for all kitchen purposes: in September and October. The tree is hardy and prolific.

Malcarle, Charles Apple, Mela Carla

Pomme Finale. A far famed fruit. In the climate of Italy, this is supposed to be the best apple in the world. It is cultivated extensively in the territories of Genoa, as an article of export and commerce to Nice, Barcelona, Cadiz, and Marseilles The fruit is rather large, its form inclining to globular. Its beautiful waxen skin is a little marbled with a very faint green near the eye; its colour in the shade is a pale yellow, tinged with flaming crimson next the sun; the flesh is white, tender, delicate, sweet, with the fragrant perfume of roses. It ripens in September, and will keep till spring.


Mr. Manning pronounced this to be the largest apple he had seen; the form is flat like a large English turnip; the skin of a light yellow; the flesh pleasant, but more adapted to the kitchen than the dessert: from October to February. It bears well trained as a dwarf.