No advocate he for a long morning nap, Waking early, he plants ere the rise of the sap; Whilst glee and good humour enliven his face, More happy, by far, than his Lordship or Grace.

Finish pruning hardy fruit trees the early part of this month; also Apricot, 47; Almond, 51; Fig, 63; Mulberry, 90; Nectarine, 9-1; Peach, 104; Plum, 125; not forgetting such trees, vines, and shrubs as may have been left undone last month. At the same time manure and dig the ground around every fruit tree that requires it.

Prepare the ground for planting, by digging, trenching, and manuring, either generally, or in such particular places as are allotted for the trees to be planted in, page 9.

This is the most proper season for planting the Apricot, Almond, Fig, Grape, Mulberry, Nectarine, Peach, and all such fruit trees, vines, or shrubs as originated in warm climates. Apple, Cherry, Pear, Plum, Quince and other hardy fruit trees, may also be planted with safety early in this month j but autumn is considered the most favourable season for planting all trees, vines, or shrubs of northern latitude, 10, 93, 101 and 125.

Those who have a variety of soil should accommodate all the varied kinds of fruit to that which has been proved to be the best adapted to its culture; and due attention should be paid to situation and aspect, in planting a fruit garden orchard, 12.

Use means to destroy insects while in a torpid state, to prevent their spreading, and also the larvae of insects; directions for which will be found in the article headed, 'Observations on Insects, and Diseases to which Fruit Trees are liable,' 13.

Grafting may be performed on fruit trees in general, 27; prune and plant Currant bushes, 59; Filbert, 65; Gooseberry, 70; Raspberry, 134. Plant cuttings and suckers from these shrubs; also of such trees as produce them, in order to get a supply of stocks to bud and graft upon, as well as some for bearing. Fruit stones and kernels of various kinds may be planted for the same purpose.

This is a good season to plant cuttings of Grape Vines, and the vine may also be propagated by layers, that is, by bending a young shoot down into the earth a few inches, and pinning it down with a forked stick. The top may be tied to a small stake, to keep it perpendicular; 76 and 81. The tender vines that were laid down in autumn, should be taken up, and fastened to trellises or stakes.

Uncover and raise up the Antwerp and other tender varieties of the Raspberry, and prune them, before the buds shoot, at the same time cultivate the ground around them, and drive in stakes for their support. In order to obtain a good supply of Raspberries in the autumn, cut down some of the twice bearing varieties close to the ground, which will occasion strong suckers to shoot up, that will yield an abundant crop of fruit at a season when other varieties are not attainable, 134.

Strawberry beds that were protected with leaves or litter through the winter, should be uncovered, and the plants carefully cultivated; some lay straw over their beds, an inch or two thick, and set fire to it, 137.

As the warm weather progresses, the gardener should be on the alert, in order to conquer the various kinds of insects. Burn damp litter, stubble, leaves, weeds, etc, near fruit trees, and sow the ashes over the ground, 18 and 91.