Aesopus SPitzenburg

A beautiful apple; large and oval; of red co-our, covered with numerous white specks; the flesh is yellowish; slightly acid, and of the finest flavour: ripens in October, and continues good till February.


No apple in the Boston markets is more popular than this; it is rather above medium size; its form round; its colour bright red, streaked with yellow; its flesh is juicy, rich, saccharine, with a most agreeable acid flavour. The tree bears fruit abundantly, which ripens in Novem ber, and keeps till February or March.

Barcelona Pearmain, Speckled Golden Reinette, Reinette Rouge Reinette Rousse, Reinette des Carmes, Glace Rouge, Kleiner Casseler Re inette. This variety is said to be a very productive and excellent desser apple; fruit of medium size; oval, not angular; colour brownish yellow in the shade, deep red next the sun; flesh firm, yellowish, with a rich aromatic agreeable acid: from November till February.

Beauty of the West

A large, oblate, beautiful fruit, of yellow and red colour; its flesh juicy, rich, saccharine, and firm. A good marketable apple from November until March.

Bell Flower

A very large and beautiful apple; its colour bright yellow, with an occasional blush on the sunny side; its form oblong; the flesh tender, juicy, rich, and finely flavoured, and is alike excellent for the dessert and for cooking. It ripens early in November, and will keep all the winter. It is a valuable market fruit Blenheim Pippin, Woodstock Pippin, Blenheim Orange. Fruit large, roundish, of a yellowish colour, tinged with red next the sun; pulp sweet and high flavoured: ripe in November, and keeps till March: a very superior dessert apple.

BluE Pearmain This variety is well known about Boston as a large apple, of red colour, covered with a dense blue bloom, and of a delicious flavour; good as a dessert or for cooking: from October to January The tree grows strong, and is very productive.

Court Pendu, Capendu, Court Pendu Plat, Garnon's Apple An estimable dessert apple, of medium size; in shape round, depressed; the colour yellow, a good deal covered with full red; it is of a high saccharine flavour and of close consistence; the fruit keeps till February or March. The tree grows upright, and bears well.

Danvers Winter Sweet, Epses Sweet, Danvers Sweeting. This variety originated at Danvers, near Salem, Massachusetts; fruit of medium size; a little oblong; skin yellow, slightly tinged with red; its flesh sweet and excellent cooked, or as a dessert: from November to April. The tree is a great bearer, and of rapid growth.

Domine, Domini

A first rate winter apple, of medium size and greenish yellow colour, clouded with brown blotches; the flesh is juicy, tender, and excellent. Tree a great bearer.

Golden Ball, Golden Apple

A beautiful and superior fruit from the State of Maine; of large size and golden yellow colour; flesh firm; juice very rich, sweet, aromatic, with a good proportion of acid. It will keep good from November to April.