Golden Beurre of Bilboa

This variety was imported from Bilboa, by Mr. Hooper, of Marblehead; the original name being unknown. Fruit of medium size, oblong; colour a bright golden yellow, with patches of russet; perfectly melting, and of fine flavour. A beautiful Pear tree, a great bearer, and worthy of cultivation; ripe in October.

Gore's Heathcot

A native variety, highly esteemed in Massachusetts. Fruit of medium size; form long; skin of a uniformly light yellow; flesh melting, juicy, and high flavoured. The growth of the tree is handsome and vigorous, producing abundant crops in September and October.

Green Syi.vange, Sylvange Vert, Bergamotte Sylvange. A most superior Pear, of medium size, skin rough and green, speckled with grey or black. The flesh is greenish near the skin, white in the centre, soft, saccharine and juicy; fruit in perfection from October to Christmas. The tree is a great bearer, and specimens of the fruit have been known to weigh thirteen ounces.

Hacon's Incomparable

Norfolk Seedling. Downham Seedling of Winter &Co. Fruit middle sized, of pale yellow colour, mixed with green, partially covered with orange russet; flesh yellowish white, slightly gritty, but very tender, juicy, sweet and rich; and possessing a high musky and perfumed flavour. The tree is a great bearer, and the fruit excellent; in November and December. A silver medal was given to the originator of this fruit, as a prize, in England, 1830.

Harvard, L' Epergne, Boston Epargne

This variety is highly prized in the Boston markets; fruit above medium size; oblong, swollen at the crown; skin russetty yellow, tinged with red; flesh white, juicy and melting; in September and October.

Henry the Fourth, Henri Quatre

Fruit of medium size; oblong, skin a dull yellow, mixed with brown and green; flesh yellow, rather gritty, juicy and melting, with a peculiar rich flavour; ripe in September and October. Mr. Manning says the tree bears while young, and abundantly.

Long Green of Autumn, Verte Longne, Mouthwater. Mr. Manning says that this is one of the best of the old varieties; its form is very long; skin at maturity a light green; flesh white, melting, and rich flavoured The tree is of vigorous growth, bears well, and the fruit is ripe in September and October.

Marie Louise, Marie Chretienne

Fruit oblong, tapering towards both ends; size varying from medium to large; skin nearly smooth, yellowish green, and cinnamon coloured russet; flesh white, melting, juicy, and rich. It ripens in October and November, and is an excellent fruit in its season.

Moor Fowl Egg

Fruit rather small, globular, ovate, swollen in the middle; skin orange brown next the sun, with spots of russet; flesh yellowish white, a little gritty, but tender and mellow, juice saccharine, ft little perfumed. This is a hardy Scotch variety; ripe in September, and good in October