Beurre d'Aremberg, Beurre d' Arembert, Duc d' Aremberg. Poire d' Aremberg, Beurre Deschamps, Beurre des Orphelins of Deschamps, Colmar Deschamps. The English and French writers speak of this Pear as one of the best in cultivation. The tree is a great bearer, comes early into cultivation, and the fruit will keep till March. Fruit large, turbinate; skin of a delicate pale green, dotted with russet, which becomes of a deeper yellow at maturity; flesh whitish, fine, very juicy, perfectly melting, and very extraordinarily rich, sweet, high flavoured and excellent.

Beurre Diel, Diet's Bulterbirne

Dorothee Royale, Beurre de Yellet Beurre Royale, Poire de Melon. Beurre Incomparable of some. This ranks amongst the best of Pears. The tree is of vigorous growth; fruit, when in perfection, four inches long, and three inches broad; the skin at maturity is bright orange, with reddish russet; flesh clear white, melting, juicy, and of a delicious aromatic flavour; from November to January.

Beurre Rance, Beurre Epine, Hardenpont de Printemps. This is said to be a first-rate Pear. The tree is vigorous, and a good bearer; fruit middle sized, oblong; skin deep green, with russetty specks; flesh green, melting, having a rich delicious flavour, with very little acid. It shrivels in ripening, but will keep till April.

Bezy Vaet, Bezy de Saint Vaast

A most excellent Pear, somewhat the shape of the Swan's. Egg, but larger; skin dull green, covered with russetty spots; flesh yellowish; perfectly melting, sweet and agreeably perfumed; at perfection in November and December.

Catillac Fruit very large, rather turbinate; pale yellow, stained with red; flesh firm and breaking; its flavour astringent; an excellent baking Pear; from November to April. Specimens of this variety have been known to weigh upward of two pounds.

Chaumontei., Bezy de Chaumontelle, Poire de Chaumontelle, Beurre d'Hiver. This noble old variety is a fruit varying in size, from large to very large; its colour at maturity yellow, tinged with brownish red next the sun; its form variable; flesh melting, juicy, sweet, musky, excellent; in season from November to February.

Colmar, Colmar Souverain

Poire Marine, Bergamotte Tardive, Incom-parable. This fruit is rather large; skin smooth, of a green colour, changing to a yellow at maturity; form pyramidal; flesh melting, juicy, saccharine, and of excellent flavour. The fruit is in perfection from November to February.

Columbia, Columbian Virgalieu

A large native pear of oblong or pyramid form, and fine yellow colour, tinged with red; flesh rich, firm, juicy, and excellent; from November to January. Tree productive and of very handsome form.

Easter Beurre, Bergamotte de la Penfecote, Beurre d'Hiver de Brux-elles, Doyenne d'Hiver, de Bruxelles, Bezi Chaumontelle Tres Gros. Of all the late keeping Pears, this is considered the best (for England.) Fruit large, roundish, oblong; colour green, but yellow at maturity, with specks of russet brown; flesh yellowish white, perfectly buttery and melting, also extremely high flavoured; it is eatable in November, and will keep till May; it is a most profuse bearer, on a quince stock.

Echassery, Bezy de Chassery, Bezy de Landry, Poire d' CEuf, Ambrette, Walnut, Tilton of New Jersey. Fruit middle size, of a roundish turbinate figure, something like a Citron, or the Ambrette; skin smooth, greenish yellow, with grey specks; flesh melting, juicy and delicious; from December to March.

Glout Morceau, G'oux Morceaux, Beurre d' Aremberg. Roi de Wurt-emburg, Gloria. Colmar d'hiver of Prince, and Beurre de Hardenpont of Downing. A very large Belgic variety, of great excellence; fruit of ovalish form, pale green colour, inclining to yellow, with russetty specks and blotches; flesh whitish, firm, very juicy and excellent; in perfection from November to March.